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On Thursday, TLE had the privilege of having Eric (dietitian) and Matthew (physical trainer) at CDC Vimont to talk about Health and Nutrition with students, as part of the Healthy Body, Health Mind Connection project. Over 350 students were present to visit the kiosk, sample a healthy smoothie and learn about health & fitness.

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Matthew and Eric distributed educational health, fitness and nutrition pamphlets for free, courtesy of Dairy Nutrition. They also provided information to individuals who had many questions regarding diet, physical training, health in general along with many other subjects.

Upcoming Lunch and Learn topics:

Morning Routine
Essentials to Smart Affordable Eating
Be Aware of How You Move
Workouts on a Budget
No Time, No Problem!
How to Fuel for School
You’re Eating Wrong! Here’s Why
You’re Breathing Wrong! Here’s Why
Corrective Conditioning Q & A
Body Breakdown

Health & Fitness Lunch & Learns 2018

Learn about nutrition and fitness from experts in the field. Join Eric and Matthew for informative fitness and nutrition Lunch and Learn sessions as part of the Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Connection!

  • Increase your self-care skills
  • Learn Tips and Tricks to keep you on track and thrive physically
  • Progress towards the goals you want, in and out of school
  • Have the energy to stay focused and feel good

Have some questions or need fitness/nutrition information? Private consultations are also available for free. Contact TLE in room 106 for more information.

A LEARNING EXCHANGE / CDC VIMONT partner project funded by
regroupement lavallois pour la réussite éducative


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