Infographics for Family Literacy

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Infographics printed on a rack card can simplify complex information, aid comprehension, engage visually, and can be easily shared, thereby encouraging parents towards family literacy. They are also great for online access and can be printed on a letter-sized paper. Go here for more promotional tips for educators for family literacy.

How to Make a Rack Card

NOTE: All infographics were created using for non-profit. The measurements of the cards are: 3.86 inches x 8.39 inches. Items were downloaded using .png format and then uploaded to Custom Rack Card > upload design. We typically use one design for front and another for the back.
You may use any of our infographics in your program following the Creative Commons licencing.

TLE Infographic Cards

We frequently use infographics to promote ideas, events, concepts and resources for family literacy. Below are some of my favourites! Don’t forget to add a QR code when appropriate!

Ways to Help Kids
Love Reading
How Reading Helps Kids GrowAlphabetNumbers and Shapes
Raising Happy Healthy KiddosParenting Roles
Child’s Development
ColoursColour Hunt
Play to Learn
with Yoga
Yoga PosesMindfulness ActivitiesBenefits of Mindfulness
Play to Learn with
Play to Learn with
Seek & FindPlay to Learn
with Hiking

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