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TLE is proud to announce visiting author: Jessica Scott Kerrin who will be presenting Senses via Zoom during Canadian Children’s Book Week on May 1st 10AM-11AM EDT. Jessica’s jam-packed presentation to young writers is a behind-the-scenes look at the everyday experiences that she writes stories about. She includes props, audience participation, and video clips sure to keep students engaged and glued to their seats.

Canadian Book Week Author Visit

For grades K-3: SENSES. My picture book, The Better Tree Fort, features a father/son relationship. I also share an interest in birding with the characters in this story. I will include a fun mini-lesson about local bird songs during my presentation that encourages young writers to use all their senses.

~ Jessica Scott Kerrin 

There will be a FREE book draw of Jessica Scott Kerrin’s books.
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Book List

Clear Skies (Groundwood Books, Fall 2019) – Middle Grade Novel

The Better Tree Fort (Groundwood Books, Spring 2018) – Picture Book

The Things Owen Wrote (Groundwood Books, Fall 2017) – Middle Grade Novel

The Missing Dog Is Spotted (Groundwood Books, Spring 2015) – Middle Grade Novel

The Spotted Dog Last Seen (Groundwood Books, Fall 2013)

Spit Feathers: The Lobster Chronicles (Kids Can Press, Fall 2013)

A Narrow Escape: The Lobster Chronicles (Kids Can Press, Spring 2013)

Lower the Trap: The Lobster Chronicles (Kids Can Press, Spring 2012)

About Book Week: May 1-7, 2022

Canadian Children’s Book Week connects Canadian authors and illustrators with participants across Canada. Tour participants speak to their audiences about the pleasures of reading and the delights of Canadian children’s books through their presentations and workshops. Meeting authors, illustrators and storytellers can be a turning point in a child’s life, inspiring a lifelong love of reading.

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