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Hello All,

Hope you’re enjoying this nice warm weather and keeping safe from COVID-19. Summer is here and I am finally getting to go away to my country place for a short time. I will try to continue these emails when I am near the Internet. 

We can all check the B.I.R.D.S page on Facebook. Michelle is doing a super job of encouraging people with positive ideas. Send some of your good wishes. Thank you Kosal, for your letter, which I have included below for all to read.

Hi Mona and everyone!
Just writing a brief story about myself by the name “Kosal ” who is an inspirational, hard working, and simply taking care an elderly people like my grandmother. This name symbolizes being truly a lucky person who is fortunate to be here in this world that came from Cambodia 8 months old to Canada during the Pol Pot regime at the end the year I was born. Anyhow take care Mona and enjoy the summer of 2020 during this pandemic time!Bye for now,
 Kosal C.


See you soon,

Mona Arsenault

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