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As part of the TLE and CDC Vimont Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Connection project during Hooked on School Days, 10 CDC Vimont students were awarded Perseverance Certificates and $15 gift cards to Cafe Depot. Congratulations to all!! #HookedonSchoolDays

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A LEARNING EXCHANGE / CDC VIMONT partner project funded by
regroupement lavallois pour la réussite éducative


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Congratulations to TLE’s volunteer tutor Warren Law, this year’s Literacy Quebec #FredaHudson award.”/]

As Executive Director of The Learning Exchange, I am pleased to present Warren Law, a highly valued volunteer with TLE, the Freda Hudson provincial award. Over the years, Warren has proven to be highly motivated and enthusiastic in his volunteer work in multiple roles with The Learning Exchange: one-on-one tutor, class tutor, event and outing volunteer, school reader and family literacy team volunteer. Having had the pleasure of working with Warren personally, I have found him to be passionate about teaching and learning. He is deeply respected and admired by students, staff and fellow volunteers. Warren’s dedication is highly admiral, and truly in keeping with Freda Hudson herself. Warren’s immense dedication and straight forward approach with students have made him an invaluable asset to TLE and CDC.

As our card to Warren says:
This award is for someone special…
Someone who does so much, so often, so willingly –
and all from a beautiful heart…
Thank you.
Congratulations Warren!


About the Freda Hudson Volunteer Recognition Award
Source: Literacy Volunteers of Quebec

LVQ inaugurated the Freda Hudson Volunteer Recognition Award in 2007, in memory of a remarkable volunteer. It is presented to annually to an active volunteer who has made a significant contribution to literacy.

A remarkable woman, indeed.
Freda Hudson was instrumental in forming and resurrecting LVQ a number of times, serving as a Director and Chairperson for many years. Freda pulled the organization through some difficult times.

Freda was active on the national literacy level, as a Director for LLC. Her contributions included authorship of several Canadian publications, many of which are found in the libraries of the literacy councils today.

Not satisfied to conquer the literacy challenges nationally and provincially, Freda contributed in a major way to the Yamaska Literacy Council, serving as a Director, a tutor, a Chairperson, and an adviser.

Without downplaying Freda’s many contributions to the literacy world, it is safe to say there is one feat that stands head and shoulders above the others. Freda changed the life of her student. Many literacy tutors think that somehow they will teach their student to devour the classics, adore poetry and pen novellas… to find out that literacy is about helping people function at home, in the grocery store, and at work.

Freda’s student, Trudi Brown, like her tutor, is a remarkable woman with a remarkable story to tell. With Freda’s support and encouragement, Trudi wrote “A Rose of Courage”, the story of her mother’s life.

Recently, Trudi wrote about Freda, “Now I can go around the world in a book. I travel so much in books and every time I do I think of Freda.”

Previous Award Winners:

2015: Jim Eames
2014: Mary Chuprun
2013: Valerie Sauriol
2012: Beryl Kerrison
2011: Lillian Hartley & Ed Chaffey
2010: Cornelia Fischer
2009: Mona Arsenault
2008: Martha Shufelt
2007: Grace Saabas

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