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Incorporating MOVEMENT and ACTION activities into family literacy LEARNING opportunities can be a FUN and EFFECTIVE way for families to ENGAGE children and ENHANCE their learning experience.

Learn about successful family literacy initiatives and programs created by the team at The Learning Exchange. Discover resources and ideas you can use and share. Be INSPIRED!

Play to Learn workshop by tle_literacy

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Use TLE’s Collection of resources with your clientele, families, and staff. We have organized resources and family literacy planning ideas to help you quickly find resources and ideas to use and share.


1. Social Media: Use platforms parents use to share resources.
2. Pinterest Boards: Curate specific boards with resources.
3. DIY Learning Resource Kits: Prepare kits with materials for home learning.
4. Workshops: Organize learning sessions for parents.
5. Parent-teacher meetings: Share resources and discuss child’s progress.
6. Sharing Apps: Suggest apps which offer educational games and activities.
7. Newsletters or Emails: Send regular communications including resources.
8. Interactive Family Literacy Events: Engage parents and children together.
9. Book Clubs: Create a family book club to promote reading.
10. Online Portals: Use educational platforms and websites to share resources.


The right Family literacy resources are useful as they foster positive educational habits at home, create stronger bonds between families and schools, enrich parents’ understanding of child development and education standards and encourage a child’s overall academic success.








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Promoting Family Literacy

Use The Learning Exchange Resources for Educators page and our Family Literacy Infographics resources with the following ideas to promote family literacy in your class, school or community:

1. Organize engaging workshops: Host workshops that emphasize literacy’s importance and how parents can foster it at home.

2. Use Social Media: Share tips, activities, and success stories related to your program on popular platforms.

3. Informative Pamphlets & Newsletters: Distribute materials highlighting the benefits of your program and practical literacy strategies.

4. Create a Motivating Environment: Host literacy events like book fairs or storytelling sessions to encourage parent participation. Start small by including a family literacy activity idea into an already established activity such as a pyjama day or 100 days of school celebration.

5. Personal Communication: Talk directly to the parents, emphasizing how the program can benefit their children.

6. Make it part of the calendar year: Use calendar events throughout the year to highlight family literacy. Dates such as World Book Day, Family Literacy Day, Love to Read Day and Canadian Children’s Book Week are perfect opportunities to do something targeting families.

7. Partner up with local organizations: Work with organizations in your community. There are many free events offered by local literacy organizations both in person and online during the year.

8. Make it Play to Learn: Let families know family literacy activities are so much more than just reading. They are opportunities to play, learn, create, imagine, move, sing and dance. Having fun learning together as a family will help promote and encourage family literacy play to learn activities!

Add a QR Code

Using a QR code in promotion is beneficial for its direct link to digital content, quick and easy user accessibility, and its ability to track user engagement effectively. We use this FREE QR code generator. Just copy the URL and paste. Select one of the FREE QR code icons, click on the generate button and wait! You DO NOT have to join, subscribe or register! After a few seconds, your icon will be generated. Now just copy and paste!

Promotional Materials

We also use rack cards (see our Infographics for Family Literacy page), postcards, labels, bags, T-shirts, and banners from VistaPrint.ca for events, notices and resources for family literacy. Although we design our own, there are numerous templates that are VERY easy to use and/or use Canva.com design templates. Here are a few of the promotional items we have created for our Family Literacy initiatives:

We make labels with a QR code linked to our Family Literacy Resources page. These are put in every book we give away.

A postcard with a QR code, information and activity ideas is a great way to catch attention and generate interest! Don’t forget to include your social media or web links! TLE’s Books for the Holidays is a great initiative where thousands of children are given a free book to bring home to keep and read over the holidays. The QR code links to Winter and Holiday Activities for families to do over the holidays.

A promotional bag is a great way to spark interest and make learning exciting. We create kits for children to keep and bring home. We have made ones such as: Move into Literacy Kit, Ready for Kindergarten Kit, and Writing Kits to promote play to learn activities as a family.

Door hangers were a fun way to get kids interested and were popular with the older children. One was given with every book. It is fun because it creates a personal reading space, encourages a regular reading habit, and helps make learning enjoyable.

A customized t-shirt for a family literacy event creates a sense of unity, enhances event awareness, promotes reading culture, and serves as a keepsake reminding families to read together.

Popular Slogans in Family Literacy

Add a catchy slogan or a fun theme to your promotion! Here are some popular ones:

1. “Read, Achieve, Succeed!”

2. “Building Bonds, One Book at a Time.”

3. “Turn Pages, Turn Futures.”

4. “Raise a Reader.”

5. “Success Starts with Family Reading.”

6. “Creating Futures, One Book at a Time.”

7. “Family Literacy: A Bonding Bond.”

8. “Learning Together, Growing Together.”

9. “Read Today, Lead Tomorrow.”

10. “Empower With Words.”

11. “Reading: A Family Affair.”

12. “Together in Education and Reading.”

13. “Literacy Lights Life.”

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Books stimulate imagination, improve vocabulary, increase knowledge, and enhance bonding when read together. Books transport children to exciting new worlds, fuel imagination, and introduce them to diverse characters and experiences. Reading as a family fosters bonding, creates a love for reading, and models lifelong learning habits. Here are some tips for buying books for your family literacy programs.


At The Learning Exchange, we buy thousands of books every year to distribute to schools, children and their families as part of our family literacy programming. Here are a few of our favourites:

We order with Scholastic Book Clubs. Scholastic Book Clubs is a recreational reading program for children that’s free to belong to and partners with teachers and parents in nurturing reading skills. You can earn LOTS of Bonus Bank dollars from orders. We get hundreds of dollars of free books every year! You will need a Class Code. Bonus Bank Rewards are only earned when a Class Code is used on an order containing rewardable products.

TIPS: Look for seasonal classroom specials on books. Buy the “Instant Classroom Library” book assortment to get a great variety of books for just a few dollars each.

*Prices listed Jan. 2024

First Book Canada’s mission is to provide books and resources exclusively to educators and program leaders serving children from low-income families. Books and resources available on the First Book Canada Marketplace are not available to the general public. Publishers sell and donate books and resources to First Book Canada with the express knowledge that they will only be provided to schools and programs that meet First Book Canada’s eligibility criteria. If you are a teacher, health care provider, school support personnel, librarian, early learning professional, community program or afterschool staff, and/or you serve low-income children and families in another capacity, please visit www.fbmpcanada.org/register to sign up for free!

TIP: TLE has benefited with thousands of books from First Book Canada Marketplace where we only pay for the shipping…all books were free. Once accepted, look for special announcement e-mails with information about free books, donations, coupons, promotions, etc.

The Book Outlet makes books more accessible to everyone with “Read-iculously Low Prices“. Donation requests can also be sent. The Learning Exchange shops for low-priced books here. If you decide to sign-up, use our share link and we will get free books to give to the community!

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Infographics printed on a rack card can simplify complex information, aid comprehension, engage visually, and can be easily shared, thereby encouraging parents towards family literacy. They are also great for online access and can be printed on a letter-sized paper. Go here for more promotional tips for educators for family literacy.

How to Make a Rack Card

NOTE: All infographics were created using Canva.com for non-profit. The measurements of the cards are: 3.86 inches x 8.39 inches. Items were downloaded using .png format and then uploaded to VistaPrint.ca: Custom Rack Card > upload design. We typically use one design for front and another for the back.
You may use any of our infographics in your program following the Creative Commons licencing.

TLE Infographic Cards

We frequently use infographics to promote ideas, events, concepts and resources for family literacy. Below are some of my favourites! Don’t forget to add a QR code when appropriate!

Ways to Help Kids
Love Reading
How Reading Helps Kids GrowAlphabetNumbers and Shapes
Raising Happy Healthy KiddosParenting Roles
Child’s Development
ColoursColour Hunt
Play to Learn
with Yoga
Yoga PosesMindfulness ActivitiesBenefits of Mindfulness
Play to Learn with
Play to Learn with
Seek & FindPlay to Learn
with Hiking

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Organizations offering family literacy can help educators by providing resources and training, promoting literacy initiatives, sharing successful teaching strategies, and fostering collaboration between school, home, and community. Here are some great organizations that offer family literacy resources and programs:

ABC Life Literacy Canada is a national charitable organization that champions literacy.

Family Literacy
Family Literacy Day Campaign/: Free media materials to help promote Family Literacy Day
HSBC Family Literacy First : Printable activities for kids and preschoolers are completely free – all you have to do is register for an account!

LEARN actively seeks to build or strengthen (strategic) relationships among schools, school boards, post-secondary institutions, and community organizations across Quebec in support of our mission.

Family Resources
Perspectives in Parenting Series Newsletter
School and Parent Associations
Discover All Resources
LEARN Newsletter signup

Literacy Quebec is a network that connects and represents community-based literacy organizations, empowering people, impacting lives, and building a stronger society.

Family Literacy
Online Family Literacy Toolkit: Resources, Planning Guide, Best Practices
Learning With Your Child Booklet
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