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A Generous Gift of Books

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At my high school, as a final evaluation we have to create a unique, personal project. Being a big bookworm, I chose to do it on literacy and how important it is. I noticed how many books I had that were already read and just uselessly gathering dust and thought about how I could find a way to give them a second life while promoting literacy. With a little research, I found out about this great non-profit organization called The Learning Exchange that had the exact same goal of promoting literacy and accepted book donations! I then talked to my school board about it and they let me host a used book drive. For a few days I hung signs and passed messages about my project to my classmates, teachers, friends and family. I was able to collect over 550 books for The Learning Exchange. It made me so happy to see how generous people ended up being and that I could, in fact, make such a precious donation and maybe help some of the TLE students find the passion in reading that I have!” -Taylor Gadoury

Hooked on School Days 2017

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The Hooked on School Days (HSD) event will be taking place all across the province this year from February 13 to 17, 2017, under the theme “Be a Superhero. Staying in school is everyone’s business!” During this period, all members of the community will be asked to mobilize themselves for our young students of all ages. Let’s take the time to tell them that each effort counts and that we are by their side to provide support and encouragement. School perseverance is a daily issue, and the HSD event is there to remind us that we can all make an impact that supports their efforts to succeed in school.

Celebrate your superheroes!

Parents, teachers, coaches, principals, employers, decision-makers, counsellors, educators, other students… The 2017 campaign will also serve to celebrate individuals who have a positive impact on our young students and their motivation in school. Present us your school perseverance superheroes and we will talk about them on the JPSLaval.org website and the Facebook page. Click Like!

Hooked on School Days Tool Kit items are available for download:

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