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Brought to you by the Toronto Public Library:

Listen to classic fables and other great stories like the Three Little Pigs and The Gunniwolf. Stories also available in many languages.

  • Three Little Pigs A big bad wolf ruthlessly and meticoulously threatens the homes of a trio of pigs. 

  • Tiddalik Tiddalik greedily drinks all the water in the pond, leaving nothing for the other animals. Desperate for water the animals hatch a plan to get their water back.
  • Could be Worse Jean-Paul discovers his cabin is making too much noise. He seeks out a wise man who offers him some curious advice to stop the noises. 
  • The Pretty Swan A swan’s egg appears in a mother duck’s nest. Raised alongside ducklings, the swan discovers that he’s different from the ducklings. 
  • The Gunniwolf A mother advises her daughter to avoid the forest. Left alone, the daughter visits the forest and encounters a mysterious creature.

  • Little Blue Riding Hood A little girl attempts to visit her grandfather’s house but encounters a fox on her way there.

  • Androcles and the Lion Androcles helps a lion in distress, but soon Androcles finds himself in a dangerous situation. 

  • Ralph the Picky Eater Ralph enjoys eating familiar foods, but what happens when his favourite foods aren’t available? 

  • Once Upon a Time Suzy goes downtown to visit her mother who works in a candy bar factory. 

  • The First Car in the World Michael is off to visit his grandmother. Excited to be riding the first car in the world, he is surpised to see another set of headlights in the distance.

  • Master of All Masters A young woman is interviewed by a man who uses unique words to describe everyday objects.

  • Fortunately Arnold loves telling jokes and riddles, much to the dismay of his brother.

  • Dish A girl who loves cooking enters a royal competition. While preparing her dish, she discovers something very troubling. 

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TLE is happy to share this French resource for reading with children:

Share the many pleasures of reading with your children and friends, at home or anywhere you happen to be!

Reading is a great way to have fun and share memorable moments as a family. Reading is also handy for writing someone, enjoying word games and board games, and even some video games.

You can find ways of having fun with reading along with suggestions of books for children of all ages here: www.lirecasevit.com/jouer

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Use your library

Be sure to use your local library to accomplish your 1000 Books Before Kindergarten challenge. Libraries can order books, do inter-library lending and help provide lists of great children’s books and/or authors. Librarians can also make recommendations for books based on your child’s age and interests. Just ask!

Avantages Laval card

The Avantages Laval card is free for the residents and allows the citizens of Laval to take advantage of numerous benefits and discounts offered by the municipal network and many community partners. This is an individual card, non-transferable and renewable each year. It also acts as your library card.

Laval Advantage Card

In Laval

Easy to access, all 9 Laval libraries offer activities, documents and services for all ages and tastes, both online or on site.

Laval Libraries

Laval Libraries offer tons of books, magazines, CD, DVD, games, and free activities for everyone! Book Loan Information

You know of a document that Laval public libraries do not have and that would be a good addition to their collection?

Suggest the Purchase of a Book

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Come one, come all, to the largest library in the province of Quebec! Join TLE’s independent library group, named by the participants as: B.I.R.D.S: Books for Intelligent Readers Development for Students, to the Bibliothéque National du Quebec. Several literacy students from Laval and Longeuil have been gaining independence by going to the library for over six years with volunteer tutor Mona! They now meet on Saturdays in the afternoon.

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I like to be an adult learner because I like to learn to understand more of life.  To help my daughter, myself and the people around me. I learn how to use the computer and send e-mails to friends. So I am happy to learn more and more by reading books, speaking and communicating with people. ~Diko

It is fun being an adult learner because you are already familiar with many subjects.~Michael

I like learning and working. Math and reading at the library. Kosal is a friend. ~Jonathan

I like learning because it’s a form of knowledge. I am learning to like myself. I like learning in a group. ~Claudine

Laval Rockets hockey team are the best team at Place Bell. ~Petros and Kosal

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