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Hello All,

Hope you’re enjoying this nice warm weather and keeping safe from COVID-19. Summer is here and I am finally getting to go away to my country place for a short time. I will try to continue these emails when I am near the Internet. 

We can all check the B.I.R.D.S page on Facebook. Michelle is doing a super job of encouraging people with positive ideas. Send some of your good wishes. Thank you Kosal, for your letter, which I have included below for all to read.

Hi Mona and everyone!
Just writing a brief story about myself by the name “Kosal ” who is an inspirational, hard working, and simply taking care an elderly people like my grandmother. This name symbolizes being truly a lucky person who is fortunate to be here in this world that came from Cambodia 8 months old to Canada during the Pol Pot regime at the end the year I was born. Anyhow take care Mona and enjoy the summer of 2020 during this pandemic time!Bye for now,
 Kosal C.


See you soon,

Mona Arsenault

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Hello Fellow Online Partners,
It has been many weeks since we last saw each other and social distancing seems like it will continue to be going on for another long while.  Let’s keep in touch until we can get back to being together at the library or at Vimont Center for the Art Course. And when restaurants open again, I will be the 1st to make the 1st reservation at Scores!!!!

Saturday, May 30 we had a space lift off and voyage to the International Space Station. I add this link for you to see the space race. Watch it and let me know what you think. Launch Updates

Check out the B.I.R.D.S Facebook page I added a few pictures! It is a private page and if you can’t get in, write to Michelle she is the administrator.

Keep well, stay safe and write me!

Here is a Science program for everyone! You just click on the day and time you are interested in and Science comes to life. Watch for the Eastern time! Please let me know which ones you liked. Looking forward to watching. Just click it here

Hello Onliners!

Yes, we are still home and I bet you’re wondering what to do? I am sending you some amazing stuff this week. Check out everything here!!!
Armen sent me a link to a YouTube video about an amazing new interactive comic book:

Yesterday I watched a live Zoom presentation by McGill’s Astronomy department to show us what it is like to be viewing the South Pole. Three cosmologists showed us their slides and how they survived Wind Chill temperatures of -142 Fahrenheit!  I will add a few pictures here but I have also added many pictures to our BIRDS Facebook page, check it out also!

Here is a wonderful video from NASA showing the night sky: What’s Up – May 2020. Really nice to see the planets and how well NASA explains everything.

Enjoy all this stuff! From Online Mona…

Mona Arsenault

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