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Hello Friends, Perseverance is the Mars project and a wonderful theme for us to use. We need to remember that COVID is almost over and our lockdown will soon come to an end. We have survived this long. Keep the faith! We are in the last stretch!!!

Enjoy the story of the first flight of the helicopter on Mars. Check out the links below.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday, April 26!


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On this day of celebration of love, Valentine’s Day, I want to say I love Canada and this includes the Canadian “Charter of Rights and Freedoms, enacted in 1982. It guarantees that persons with disabilities are protected by and will receive the same benefits under the law as any other Canadian. Discrimination against persons with disabilities is prohibited by the Canadian Human Rights Act, which was further enacted in 1985.

Yes, I do feel lucky, just belonging to TLE makes me lucky. I received great news this week from Canada! I have been accepted (after a 3 month wait and an incredibly detailed CV) onto the Accessibility Standards Canada-ASC- Technical Committee Emergency Egress sub committee!!!

Wow!!! another active committee- a true game changer- I can’t wait for the changes I can create.

Because of TLE, I went for this opportunity and gave it my all to make Canada a world leader for ALL its people. I am honoured and pleased to accept this chance to better our country. After all these years with TLE, you have given me the confidence to go after things I want. Thank you! <3

Here is the letter the Canadian Government sent me:

Hello Mona Arsenault,

Thank you for your application to be on Accessibility Standards Canada’s technical committees. After reviewing your application, we would like to offer you a position on the emergency egress technical committee, representing consumer and public interest. Congratulations! 

Stakeholder category

Accessibility Standards Canada wants to make sure that standards are created in a way that values and promotes different perspectives. This means including the views of all communities. Accessibility Standards Canada is creating technical committees that include the expertise and knowledge of persons with disabilities and technical experts. 


The Accessibility Standards Canada team

Accessibility Standards Canada-ASC- Technical Committee Emergency Egress sub committee


The technical committee’s role is to: 

  • identify where persons with disabilities may face barriers related to emergency egress (exit)
  • develop a national standard or standards that will try to remove or prevent these barriers 

This standard or standards will apply to all private and public sector organizations in the federally regulated sector.

Areas of focus

A few areas where persons with disabilities may face barriers related to emergency egress include:

  • information and awareness of available accommodations in the event of an emergency
  • clear emergency egress solutions, which may include visual fire alarms, proper signage, areas of refuge, accessible egress routes, evacuation plans, etc.


What does emergency egress mean? 

Egress is a term that is quite similar to exit, but it has additional meaning associated with it when it comes to discussing workplace safety and related topics.

Egress is defined as a means of exit or a way of leaving. Ingress definition– the act of entering: entrance. 

Emergency Egress.  An emergency exit is an exit that is used to provide a safe means of escape from a structure or area in the event of an emergency, such as a fire. The exit must be in an easily accessible, unobstructed, and a permanent location.

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Hello Everyone,
What a wonderful day it is today! 50 years of caring for our EARTH 🌎 check out this link: NASA Space Place: Earth, it is amazing! Answers from NASA to everything about EARTH! Also check the other links for more fun activities from NASA.

Thank you all for being a part of Volunteer Appreciation Week. It was wonderful seeing Kosal and Jonathan G on Zoom. If any of you want to join me on Zoom I can arrange a time and a place. Please answer me, it has been a very long month with so little contact.  This weekend we were supposed to have a Laval Library outing! Have a special treat today and I will too. Zoom would be very nice 👍 Online

~ Mona


Earth Day 50 Years Young!!!

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