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A Thousand NO’s is a story about perseverance and innovation. It shows what amazing things can happen if we work with others and don’t give up, and teaches us not to let expectations of how things should be get in the way of what could be.

~ A story by DJ Corchin

Eric Hoffer Award for Best Children’s Book!

A growth mindset story of resilience, grit, and creativity. 

A Thousand NO’s – Everyone has ideas!

How do we work with others to make our ideas better than we ever could have expected? DJ engages participants around creativity and the very real experience of having someone say NO to your idea. Not only does DJ read his book A Thousand NO’s, but also discusses his journey to being an author, how he had to live the lesson of A Thousand NO’s and work with others to change his original idea, and introduces creative exercises to be able to practice idea growing. It promises to be a fun and meaningful 45 min session on growth mindset and the power of wonderment!

About DJ Corchin 

DJ Corchin is an author and illustrator of many children’s books. He uses his unique humor and wit to focus on socially conscious messages involving kindness and emotional awareness. Some of his other titles include, Do You Speak Fish?, A Thousand NO’s, Half-Cat, and Mystical Rules For My Magical Daughter.  DJ has both illustrated his own stories as well as worked with other talented artists such as award winning-illustrator and writer, Dan Dougherty.

Hooked on School Days

DJ Corchin comes to The Learning Exchange for virtual visits

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Our young people went through exceptional times these past few months. For this different back-to-school season, let’s show kindness, understanding and support to help them have a good school year. Together, let’s give them the push they need to start studying and learning again, with enthusiasm. Back to school. Together. For them. #Togetherforthem

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TLE is happy to announce it has received funding from the Regroupement lavallois pour la réussite éducative (RLPRÉ) for its project titled The Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Connection: Motivation, Self-Esteem and School Perseverance

The primary aim of this project is to relieve barriers affecting school motivation and drop out rate, to have an influence on learners’ school perseverance and self esteem. Through this project, TLE will work in collaboration with CDC Vimont and other community organizations to offer support and healthy interventions via a multi-faceted approach to empower individuals to persevere in their studies, and encourage success and improved self-esteem by creating a culture of health and wellness, offering support and opportunities for learners to thrive physically, emotionally, and socially.

A LEARNING EXCHANGE project funded through:

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