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The Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Connection

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TLE is happy to announce it has received funding from the Regroupement lavallois pour la réussite éducative (RLPRÉ) for its project titled The Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Connection: Motivation, Self-Esteem and School Perseverance

The primary aim of this project is to relieve barriers affecting school motivation and drop out rate, to have an influence on learners’ school perseverance and self esteem. Through this project, TLE will work in collaboration with CDC Vimont and other community organizations to offer support and healthy interventions via a multi-faceted approach to empower individuals to persevere in their studies, and encourage success and improved self-esteem by creating a culture of health and wellness, offering support and opportunities for learners to thrive physically, emotionally, and socially.

Cat-in-the-Hat Storytime Project

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The Learning Exchange (TLE) Cat-in-the-Hat Storytime in the Community project is an innovative way to reach and support children and their families through exciting family literacy community activities using the theme of storytelling and storytime. TLE Storytime project events will take place in an informal, supportive, story-rich environment with guidance from family literacy volunteers and facilitators. Through informative and fun prevention and intervention activities TLE will develop a synergy between the community, the school network and partners in order to bring family literacy resources, support and services to families. These amazing experiences will inspire the whole family and excite young minds, making the project integral to the English-speaking community.


In 2018, impact the literacy level of children 0-9 years old by reaching 2000+ families/children in the Laval and Northshore community through innovative family literacy services/events, parent support, improved access to storybooks and family literacy resources, resulting in good literacy practices in the home.

  • Strengthen family literacy practices within community
  • Impact school perseverance and success through early reading interventions
  • Instil a love of learning and a desire to read together as a family


  • Cat-in-the-Hat themed reading and storytelling events
  • Parent information and resources sessions
  • Pyjama Storytime nights for the family
  • Interactive school reading visits
  • Book distribution within the community of free English children’s books and Family Literacy information
  • Family literacy themed workshops and information for example: How-to-Make a Fabulous Writing Kit


  • Help develop interest in reading/writing among children and their parents, including early learning for children aged 0-5:
  • Help to instil a love of reading and learning at an early age
  • Teach participants how to integrate good literacy practices in their home with their children
  • Support new immigrant families and parents with low literacy skills: Provide innovative literacy instruction to parents/families in need, to be able to read and animate family literacy activities at home
  • Help parents learn to be more comfortable reading and telling stories to their children
  • Widely distribute English storybooks within the community to children and their families
  • Increase public awareness and sensitization to the importance of early reading and writing practices at home
  • Provide storytime workshop sessions to parents/families and their children to help establish family reading and writing practices at home
  • Inspire families to learn together: Help families create reading/writing kits for use at home with their children

TLE’s Health Literacy Project

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TLE is thrilled to announce its proposal for the project titled: Health Literacy in the Community: Communicate, Comprehend and Evaluate was accepted and will begin immediately!

TLE will target English speaking members of the community to improve their health literacy in order to better comprehend and evaluate health-related issues as well as provide the language and vocabulary skills necessary to communicate more effectively with health care providers.

TLE will partner with community organizations to increase awareness and provide education about health literacy through the distribution and exploration of relevant materials such as Canada’s Food Guide and the Laval Health Passports of English medical terms. Informative and educational health literacy sessions will be promoted and held in the community around national and international health calendar days, with health professional guest speakers and literacy facilitators, to give families and learners the opportunity to explore health issues and topics in a safe and respectful environment at an easy-to-understand level.

Resource Project Updates

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The Resource Project is designed to help teachers and tutors as well as students. The project team has created over 30 resources for multiple secondary English courses and has countless additional English and Math resources available at The Learning Exchange for anyone who needs them.

Come see us in Room 106 and room 218 at CDC Vimont to browse our vast collection of resources!

TLE Resource Page


Resource Project Update

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Twenty students have been supported in English thanks to The Learning Exchange and CDC Vimont’s English Resource Project. Our dedicated staff is looking forward to helping more students every day!

Teachers: You can still refer students for additional academic support. The project runs until the end of the 2017 school year.”/]

Girls Action in February!

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TLE is pleased to announce our project has been accepted to hold Girl’s Action activities. Another positive action with TLE and CDC Vimont students will take place thanks to Girls Action Foundation funding!! Starting February, students will have the opportunity at lunchtime Girls’ Meet Ups to hold discussions, plan events and make leadership bracelets together. Below are some pictures of previous activities that took place for #NDA2015!



girls and me

Everyone had so much fun working together, creating new designs and helping each other! Once the guys saw what we were doing they asked to join us. 
Dev and Cyngirls 2Lin

Watch the video to learn how to make your own bracelet…just follow this instruction video!

Upcoming Events