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The Learning Exchange (TLE) is thrilled to announce our latest community family literacy project funded through the Programme d’action communautaire sur le terrain de l’éducation (PACTE) from the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sports.

Starting in October 2018, in collaboration with key partners, The Learning Exchange (TLE) will implement TLE’s 1000 Books Before Kindergarten reading program in the community. This project will target English-speaking families and parents/caregivers to support the development of language and literacy skills of families to help their young children develop language skills and learn the early literacy skills needed for success in school.

Developing Pre-Reading Skills

Studies have shown that children who enter kindergarten with essential pre-reading skills have an advantage. They start school ready to read and have greater success throughout their school years. Children who enter kindergarten performing below their peers can suffer the effects of falling behind, which can be devastating to a child.  Reading regularly with young children supports brain development and strengthens parent-child relationships. Reading aloud with children is the single most important activity to prepare children to learn to read because they will build awareness of phonemes, language, literacy and social skills. Reading together provides an opportunity for bonding and creating lifelong memories. By reading together parents and caregivers are teaching their children “how a book works”, growing their vocabulary and instilling a love of reading. It benefits the family as a whole because it involves them in their children’s early education and develops literacy within the family unit.

The concept of the 1000 Books Before Kindergartenis to encourage, motivate, challenge and support families and children to read 1000 books before a child enters kindergarten. Reading regularly will expose children to a large variety of text which in turn, exposes them to a wide range of vocabulary and stories. The program is self-paced and can take anywhere from a few months to a few years depending on how often you read together. Parents can read anything their child enjoys! This approach empowers families as first educators, builds strengths and offers fun and creative family literacy moments.

Source1000 Books Foundation, 2018

Project Overview

Through the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten initiative TLE will encourage, motivate and support families to read 1000 books to their children before kindergarten through presentations, workshops, parent meet ups and social media. TLE will distribute free books to families, promote the Laval Advantage card and ensure greater access to a collection of high-quality English children’s books through collaboration with the Laval libraries and the distribution of library book boxes within the community. Parents will have the tools, resources and information to increase their level of comfort in dealing with literacy in the home environment. This approach empowers families as first educators, builds upon strengths and offers fun and creative family literacy moments for the whole family.

A TLE family literacy community initiative:

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TLE has lots of fun family literacy events planned in celebration of Family Literacy Day January 27, 2019! Check them out and don’t forget to drop by TLE to get your free children’s book.

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TLE’s Cat-in-the-Hat Returns: Storytime in the Community project will take place in an informal, supportive, story-rich environment with guidance from family literacy volunteers, storytellers, educators, authors and facilitators. Community family literacy events will include Cat-in-the-Hat themed reading events and parent information sessions, pyjama storytelling nights, interactive school reading visits, author’s visits, and How-to-Make a Fabulous Writing Kit workshops, to name a few. As well, family literacy team members, wearing Dr. Suess T-shirts and fun accessories, will visit schools and daycares in the Laval area to generate excitement around reading. The objective of this project is to strengthen family literacy practices within the community ultimately impacting school perseverance and the literacy level of children 0-12 years old through early and ongoing reading interventions. Through informative and fun prevention and intervention activities TLE will develop a synergy between the community, the school network and partners in order to bring family literacy resources, support and services to families. These amazing experiences will inspire the whole family and excite young minds, making the project integral to the English-speaking community.


In 2018/2019, impact the literacy level of children 0-12 years old by reaching 2000+ families/children in the Laval and Northshore community through innovative family literacy services/events, parent support, improved access to storybooks and family literacy resources, resulting in good literacy practices in the home.

  • Strengthen family literacy practices within community
  • Impact school perseverance and success through early reading interventions
  • Instil a love of learning and a desire to read together as a family


  • Cat-in-the-Hat themed reading and storytelling events
  • Parent information and resources sessions
  • Pyjama Storytime nights for the family
  • Interactive school reading visits
  • Book distribution within the community of free English children’s books and Family Literacy information
  • Family literacy themed workshops and information for example: How-to-Make a Fabulous Writing Kit


  • Help develop interest in reading/writing among children and their parents, including early learning for children aged 0-5:
  • Help to instil a love of reading and learning at an early age
  • Teach participants how to integrate good literacy practices in their home with their children
  • Support new immigrant families and parents with low literacy skills: Provide innovative literacy instruction to parents/families in need, to be able to read and animate family literacy activities at home
  • Help parents learn to be more comfortable reading and telling stories to their children
  • Widely distribute English storybooks within the community to children and their families
  • Increase public awareness and sensitization to the importance of early reading and writing practices at home
  • Provide storytime workshop sessions to parents/families and their children to help establish family reading and writing practices at home
  • Inspire families to learn together: Help families create reading/writing kits for use at home with their children


A LEARNING EXCHANGE project funded through:

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There are always three simple ways to celebrate International Book Giving Day…any day!

1. Give a Book to a Friend or Relative.
 Celebrate International Book Giving Day by giving a child a new, used or borrowed book.

2. Leave a Book in a Waiting Room or Lobby.
Choose a waiting room where kids are stuck waiting and there are few to no good books available. Purchase a good book, and deposit your book covertly or overtly in your waiting room of choice. The goal here is to spread the love of reading to kids, so choose a fun book, nothing controversial.

3. Donate a Book.
Wrap up a box of children’s books that your kids have outgrown and get them in the hands of children who could really use a book or two. Donate your books to your local second hand store, literacy council, library, children’s hospital, or shelter. *Please note: TLE accepts children’s books, both English and French, all year long! Contact TLE at 450-688-2933 ext. 3126 to arrange a drop off date.

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Bell Let’s Talk Day is January 31, 2019.

Join the conversation: Text, tweet, share! On Bell Let’s Talk Day, Bell will donate more towards mental health initiatives in Canada, by contributing 5¢ for every applicable text, call, tweet, social media video view and use of our Facebook frame or Snapchat geofilter.

What is Bell Let’s Talk?
Bell Let’s Talk is a multi-year charitable program dedicated to the promotion and support of
mental health across Canada. Since 2010, Bell has committed more than $100 million to
support a wide range of mental health organizations, large and small, from coast to coast
focusing on anti-stigma, care and access, workplace mental health and research.

Facilitators Toolkit

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Following this last challenge, we proceeded with the draw for the Fitbit 2. Marco Papaleo won the Fitbit. We then had a draw amongst all the participants of the different challenges and the following 4 students won a 25$ gift card at Walmart: Terrian Julien, Mark Leisk, Jessica Marshall and Markus Holak Pereira. Congratulations to all the winners.

The CDC Gets Fit Challenge was a huge success with the participation of all the students in the centre. Students made the right choice of taking the stairs instead of the elevator, they were invited to stay active, they were informed and invited to bring healthy lunches to school. They had the chance to taste and compare healthy smoothies and snacks. We are hoping that the CDC population will keep up the good habits of staying active and eating healthy food.  Thank you to all the participants and to TLE for making this event possible.




Suite à ce défi, nous avons procédé au tirage de la montre Fitbit 2. C’est Marco Papaleo qui a gagné la montre. Nous avons ensuite fait tirer, parmi les participants de tous les défis, quatre cartes cadeau au montant de 25$ pour le magasin Walmart, lesquels ont été gagnés par les élèves suivants: Terrian Julien, Mark Leisk, Jessica Marshall and Markus Holak Pereira. Félicitations à tous les gagnants!

Le Défi CDC en Forme a été une réussite avec la participation de tous les élèves du centre. Les élèves ont choisi leur santé en demeurant actif et en mangeant mieux. Espérons qu’ils garderont ces bonnes habitudes. Merci à tous les participants, aux organisateurs et à TLE d’avoir rendu possible cet événement.

A LEARNING EXCHANGE / CDC VIMONT partner project funded by
regroupement lavallois pour la réussite éducative


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This last Thursday, we completed our three weeks CDC Gets Fit Challenge. The last event was a treat of all the not so healthy dessert that our students usually buy in stores and restaurants around the centre. Between a Tim Hortons’ muffin, a McDonalds’ apple pie, a Subway cookie, Mr Puffs, Celebration’s cookies and Dark Chocolate, student had to place them in order of the best nutrition choice to the worst. It was no surprise that the dark chocolate was the best choice. The worst choice was the Tim Hortons’ chocolate chip muffin with 410 calories, 16 grams of added fat, 36g of added sugar. Nobody got the answer completely right but 3 students were pretty close: Assmaa, Issa and Fade.


More info on the nutritional facts of the not so healthy dessert:

The healthiest snack from last week’s challenge was the dark chocolate! It was the least processed and had the least amount of sugar. Two squares were 120 calories. The fat came from cocoa butter, rather than added oil.  The two least healthy options were the Tim Horton’s chocolate chip muffin with 410 calories, 16 grams of added fat, 36 grams of added sugar. As a comparison, someone weighing 140lbs would have to walk about 1 hour and a halfto burn off the energy in this muffin! The second least healthy choice was the Apple Pie from McDonald’s with 270 calories, 14g of added fat, and 12g added sugar. Two better options would be the oatmeal cookie at Tim Horton’s which still has 180 calories and 10g of added sugar, however is much more reasonable if a dessert is needed. At McDonald’s, the raisin-oatmeal cookie with 140 calories and the strawberry yogourt tubes with 25 calories would be the best choices. Be careful of the McFlurry which can be 500-700 calories with 67-82g of sugar!


Jeudi dernier avait lieu la dernière activité du Défi CDC En Forme.  Pour l’occasion, nous avons décidé de sucrer le bec des participants en leur offrant des desserts pas très nutritifs qu’ils ont l’habitude d’acheter dans les magasins et restaurants près du centre. Les participants devaient classer en ordre du meilleur au pire choix, du point de vue nutritionnel, les six desserts suivants : un muffin de Tim Horton, un chausson aux pommes de McDonald, un biscuit Subway, du chocolat noir Lindt, des biscuits Célébration et des Mr Puffs. Le plus « santé » était bien sûr le chocolat noir alors que le pire choix était le muffin aux brisures de chocolat de Tim Horton avec 410 calories, 16 g. de gras ajoutés et 36 g. de sucre. Aucun élève n’a réussi à classer dans l’ordre les six desserts mais trois élèves sont arrivés très près de la solution : Assmaa, Issa et Fade.

A LEARNING EXCHANGE / CDC VIMONT partner project funded by
regroupement lavallois pour la réussite éducative


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With many students graduating from the SIS program this year and moving on to use their learned skills out in the community, we wanted to put together a project that encompassed the essence of the SIS program. With the competencies of the program heavily weighted in promoting a healthy, active lifestyle we thought what better than to create a green space at the back of the center for all the students to enjoy. It would be a spot where all the students at CDC Vimont could go to clear their mind, reflect and enjoy the outdoors. Sometimes students need a place to escape the hustle and bustle of school pressures, the green space would bring a tranquil environment to the urban landscape of the school.

With a little love and TLC the SIS students will clean up the back area of the school, paint the planters and plant some beautiful flowers as well as do some much needed landscaping. We will also be building a new picnic bench to have as much space as possible for students.

This project touches directly on many of the competencies of the SIS program and we look forward to putting our work skills into action to bring some beauty to CDC Vimont!


A LEARNING EXCHANGE / CDC VIMONT partner project funded by
regroupement lavallois pour la réussite éducative


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This week was our last fitness challenge of CDC Gets Fit event and we took advantage of the nice weather to do it outside. First we had the soccer ball juggling competition. It was a close battle for the first place between Emmanuel and Derrick but it was Emmanuel that won with 59 touches. Then we did a race where we had eleven participants: Emmanuel won again, followed closely by Ameedullah, Patrick and Terrian. Finally, it was the long jump competition. Ten participant took a leap and jumped the furthest. Jason dominated the competition with a jump of 3.83 meters. Thank you to all the participants and the cheering crowd!

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Nous avons profité de la superbe journée ensoleillée pour faire dernier défi à l’extérieur. Nous avons débuté avec par la compétition de jonglerie avec le ballon de soccer. C’était une chaude lutte entre Emmanuel et Derrick pour la première place, mais Emmanuel a gagné avec 59 touches. Puis onze participants se sont mesurés dans la course : Emmanuel a gagné à nouveau, suivant de près par Ameedullah, Patrickt et Terrian. Finalement, il y a eu la compétition de saut en longueur. Dix participants ont pris leur élan et ont sauté. Jason a dominé avec un saut long de 3.83 mètres. Félicitations aux gagnants et merci à tous les participants!

A LEARNING EXCHANGE / CDC VIMONT partner project funded by
regroupement lavallois pour la réussite éducative


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Last week healthy snack challenge was a success. Three students (Jasel, Kassidy and Terrian) and 2  teachers (Daniel and Marie-Chantale) showed their baking skills in a very tight tasting race. Around 40 students tasted all 5 healthy bites and voted for their favorite. The recipes were analyzed by our nutritionist Eric and given a note on 10. Kassidy won the challenge with the most vote but Marie-Chantale came in just before because her granola bar were the healthiest of all the snacks. Congratulations to all the participants!

This week is the third and last week of the CDC Gets Fit challenge. This Tuesday starting at 12h45, we will have mini Olympics outside (on the side of the building) with a short distance race, juggling with a soccer ball and long jump. Please invite your students to participate or join us to cheer.

On Thursday, we will have an Healthy Dessert competition. Participants need to prepare a healthier version of their favorite dessert. Here are some healthy tips to follow:


  • Add nuts, seeds, Greek yogurt, or beans to your desserts for some extra protein.
  • Hide some vegetables in your recipe – zucchini works in most cakes, carrot cake is also a classic, and beets can add a nice red color to your red-velvet cake (which can taste even better with Greek yogurt icing on top!)
  • Don’t fall for the natural sugar trap – sugar, maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar, agave syrup (the list goes on…) are all mostly non-nutritive. Try adding applesauce, dates puree or banana to sweeten the recipe while adding some extra nutritional value!
  • Try using avocado or simply olive/canola oil instead of butter for more unsaturated fats. Or add some walnuts or flaxseed for extra omega 3 content. Did you know eggs can be replaced by flax “eggs” – 1 tbsp ground flax seed mixed in 3 tbsp of water?

The cooks need to send me their recipe by the end of the day Wednesday and to bring to school on Thursday 40 bites of their dessert. The competition will be Thursday at 12h40 in the cafeteria and it will be followed by the draw of the GRAND PRIZE: Fitbit 2. Please remind all your students to gather in the cafeteria with their raffle tickets.

La semaine dernière, nous avons eu le défi collation santé. Trois élèves (Jasel, Kassidy and Terrian) et 2 enseignants (Daniel and Marie-Chantale) ont préparé leur meilleur muffin et barre collation. Environ 40 élèves ont goûté et voté pour leur collation favorite. Les recettes ont ensuite été évaluée par le nutritionniste Éric et ont reçu une note sur 10. Kassidy a gagné le défi avec le plus grand nombre de vote. C’est toutefois Marie-Chantale qui a reçu la meilleure note et seulement un vote de moins. Félicitations è tous les participants!

Cette semaine est la dernière semaine du Défi CDC en forme.

Mardi, il y aura des mini-olympiques avec une course de courte distance, une compétition de jonglerie de ballon de soccer et du saut en longueur. Invitez vos élèves à participer ou à venir encourager. La compétition aura lieu à l’extérieur sur le côté de l’école.

Jeudi aura lieu le dernier défi santé où les participants devront préparer une version plus « santé » de leur dessert préféré. Voici quelques astuces à suivre :

  • Ajoutez des noix, des graines, du yogourt grec ou des fèves pour un supplément de protéines.
  • Mettez-y des légumes (en cachette) : les courgettes peuvent être ajoutés à plusieurs desserts, le gâteau aux carottes est un classique et les betteraves peuvent ajouter une jolie couleur à vos gâteaux « Red velvet », gâteau qui est délicieux avec un glaçage au yogourt grec.
  • Ne tombez pas dans le piège des sucres naturels tels que le miel, le sirop d’agave, le sucre de coco et le sirop d’érable et bien d’autres, lesquels n’ont que très peu de valeur nutritive. Utilisez plutôt de la compote de pommes, de la purée de bananes ou de dattes pour sucrer vos recettes en plus d’ajouter une valeur nutritive.
  • Finalement, utiliser l’avocat ou une huile d’olive ou canola au lieu du beurre pour une meilleure source de gras non saturés. Ou ajoutez des noix de Grenoble et des graines de lin pour un apport en omega 3. Les œufs peuvent être remplacés par un mélange de 1 cuillérée à table de graines de lins et 3 cuillérées à table d’eau.

 Encore une fois, j’aurais besoin d’une copie de la recette d’ici mercredi en fin de journée et les participants doivent apporter 40 petites bouchées de leur dessert. Les élèves pourront goûter et voter JEUDI à 12h40. Le grand tirage de la montre Fitbit2 suivra cette activité. Invitez vos élèves à se rendre à la cafétéria avec leurs coupons de tirage pour recevoir le grand prix.


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