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YOU make it meaningful.

Since 2020, the effects of the pandemic have spared no one, least of all young people, with all the disruptions to their normal school experience.

As a follow-up to last year’s Hooked on School Days, when we took a moment to support students in their perseverance at school, this year, it’s time to express our thanks for all your efforts in such an unprecedented situation. This extra energy was a key component of motivating young people in their desire to learn and in their commitment to educational success. Thanks to your dedication and the initiatives you put in place, you managed to keep them afloat during these tough times. And it is sure to make much more sense when they ultimately reach the end of their journey.

Your actions, words, and advice count for so much. Whether you are a parent, teacher, educator, employer, community worker, school specialist, support worker, or you work in a community organization, thank you for making a young person’s educational experience meaningful

When you praise their efforts and validate their educational and career aspirations, you provide them with a clear direction. By encouraging them to stay motivated and engaged, and by stimulating their feelings of autonomy, accomplishment, and belonging, you help them dream about the future. Because when young people grasp the importance of their educational success, and of the impact it has on both themselves and those around them, they develop a better sense of self-worth and become significantly more motivated to try harder. Because when we guide young people with compassion and help them find a path that suits their aspirations, they naturally become more grounded in their progress and do what it takes to achieve their goals.

By acting as a role model, you are making a meaningful difference in their school experience. And by sticking to their studies, young people themselves have a positive influence on their schoolmates, which also helps it make sense.

We are all connected by the sense of purpose in taking up the cause of school perseverance. And we—as those who try to help it all make sense—wear the green-and-white ribbon to show our commitment to acting on the determinants that affect the choices young people make about their future.

Let’s stay engaged and committed to this collective act of compassion that are Hooked on School Days.

Thank you for being there.

Thank you for making it meaningful.

~ journeesperseverancescolaire.com

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