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Books for the Holidays

It’s time for a story!!! It’s time for Books for the Holidays!

We have great news…

All children going to Crestview Elementary, Jules Verne Elementary and JFK Elementary along with over 200 children in Laval daycares and countless families receiving Christmas Baskets from Agape, are getting a book to bring home for the holidays. This was made possible thanks to TLE’s Wonderful World of Stories project funded by Regroupement lavallois pour la réussite éducative and books from First Book Canada!!!

Watch the video to find out more…

Family Literacy Resources

Watch our website for additional resources, family activities and online stories, throughout the holiday season!

Learning Kits

Over 160 pre-k and kindergarten children will also receive a fun “Learning Kit” to bring home. The kits have an assortment of creative writing items such as paper, stickers, markers, an All About Me poster, family literacy activities, craft items, wiki stix, a name plate, etc.

Join the Contest: #LoveTLEbooks

Win a Scholastic Book Bag of 50 books for the family! Your family can enter our free draw to win!

  1. Take a fun picture about reading: For example, a drawing of a story or the family reading, your scratch bookmark design, etc.
  2. Post the pic to your Face Book or Twitter before midnight Dec. 31, 2020 and include the hashtag: #LoveTLEbooks
  3. Tag TLE in the post (remember to include the @ sign. You can also copy and paste our tags from here) : 
    • FaceBook: @TheLearningExchange1
    • Twitter: @TLEliteracy
  4. The winner* will be picked randomly and announced New Year’s Day! The winner will be contacted by social media.

Contest details

* Enter as often as you like!!! The contest is open to all residents of Laval, QC (18 years old +) as well as all Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board teachers, families and employees. The winner can select from the following book levels and have the box delivered to the home: 

PreK-K | Grade 1/2 | Grade 3/4 | Grade 5+

Project funded by:

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TLE is happy to announce it has received funding from the Regroupement lavallois pour la réussite éducative (RLPRÉ) for its project titled The Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Connection: Motivation, Self-Esteem and School Perseverance

The primary aim of this project is to relieve barriers affecting school motivation and drop out rate, to have an influence on learners’ school perseverance and self esteem. Through this project, TLE will work in collaboration with CDC Vimont and other community organizations to offer support and healthy interventions via a multi-faceted approach to empower individuals to persevere in their studies, and encourage success and improved self-esteem by creating a culture of health and wellness, offering support and opportunities for learners to thrive physically, emotionally, and socially.

A LEARNING EXCHANGE project funded through:

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