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Presented by: Ronen Maor
An entertaining and informative series of 1-hour workshops open to all students, volunteers, teachers, staff and community.

Fall sessions in the Skills for Success Series with Ronan Maor:

What a president, a frog, a dog, potatoes, tomatoes & monkeys can teach us about: Handling priorities

Learn to recognize and avoid traps that prevent you from being highly effective. 

I am not God, but I can still help you get 3 to 4 hours of your life back, every day… 

Learn how to manage yourself and your tasks to better fit your workday, and become a highly effective individual. 

Becoming an assertive and effective communicator. Well-understand & be well-understood.

Learn how to send your message across, and better understand the messages received. The secrets of the highly effective communicators. 

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