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GenZoomers have been busy with Mona at Social Games and other events. Check out the album of pictures from the GenZoomer Club!

You are invited to our Friday game social! Join the GenZoomers Club for fun Friday social game play. Games may include: Cards, Monopoly, Skip-bo, Checkers, Bingo, Dominoes, Parcheesi, dice and more. Snacks will be provided! RSVP to The Learning Exchange at: admin@TLEliteracy.com to confirm your spot!

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Members of The Learning Exchange and CDC Vimont, along with family and friends, visited the Concordia Art Hive where Afro, a student at CDC Vimont has been volunteering thanks to TLE President Mona Arsenault who made this fabulous match!! Afro is a very talented artist!!

Everyone who joined in on the outing received a gift certificate for refreshments at Tim Hortons or McDonalds.

Drop by the Concordia Art Hive every Tuesday

The Concordia Art Hive (Downtown Campus), facilitated by Creative Arts Therapists and students, welcomes the Concordia community and everyone else for FREE and open art and music making!
NOTE: The Art Hive is open to the public on Tuesdays 2-7 PM

Concordia University Art Hive
2155 GUY, ER101

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The Learning Exchange sponsored CDC Vimont’s SIS fundraiser for the SPCA. TLE happily provided canvas bags to the students to paint their wonderful creative designs.

The painted bags raised $100.00 for the SPCA in memory of Sebu Baghdassarian. The SIS students still talk about their friend and miss him dearly. Animals were dear to Sebu’s heart which is why they chose the SPCA. 

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Check our TLE Skills for Success Resources

Presented by: Ronen Maor
An entertaining and informative series of 1-hour workshops open to all students, volunteers, teachers, staff and community.

Fall sessions in the Skills for Success Series with Ronan Maor:

What a president, a frog, a dog, potatoes, tomatoes & monkeys can teach us about: Handling priorities

Learn to recognize and avoid traps that prevent you from being highly effective. 

I am not God, but I can still help you get 3 to 4 hours of your life back, every day… 

Learn how to manage yourself and your tasks to better fit your workday, and become a highly effective individual. 

Becoming an assertive and effective communicator. Well-understand & be well-understood.

Learn how to send your message across, and better understand the messages received. The secrets of the highly effective communicators. 

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WHAT: FRAUD Workshop presented by Richard Goldman and Valérie Thibodeau of Éducaloi

HOSTED by Literacy Quebec

WHEN: Wednesday, September 21, 2022 | 11h00 – 12h30 via Zoom

AUDIENCE: This workshop is OPEN to THE PUBLIC

COST: FREE to all

This workshop discusses common scams and frauds, how to protect yourself, and how to report them. We will also briefly discuss the difference between a protection mandate and a power of attorney. This workshop teaches best practices and how to avoid risks to your finances. Scammers are using more and more sophisticated tactics to get your money.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to identify risky situations;
  • How to protect yourself against some of the most common frauds;
  • To whom you can report fraud and file a report.

To learn more about these topics, consult:

This event was made possible with the financial support of the Secrétariat aux relations avec les Québécois d’expression anglaise.

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Adult Learner’s Week recognizes learners’ accomplishments and motivates them to persevere.
Recognize the achievements of Canadian adult learners #ALW2022

Adult Learner’s Week is a time that is set aside to honour adult learners, recognizing the challenges many face as they balance full-time studies with work, home-life, commuting long distances to get to school, all the while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many students are returning to school for a second career, while others have chosen this path as a continuation of their high-school journey.

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Thanks to the help of the CDC Vimont SIS group, students and staff of The Learning Exchange and CDC Vimont have the opportunity to bring home a new or used book for winter reading!!

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Tel: 450-688-2933 ext. 3126 | E-mail: tleliteracy@yahoo.ca


Tell me about yourself and what brought you to TLE


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CDC Vimont Adult Education


Find a Tutor form

Help needed | Class materials used

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Resources, free accounts and support offered to students for tutoring

TLE Learning Resources: ESL, Math, English, etc.

Essential Skills Quebec Resources: The 9 Skills related to jobs, job search, etc.

Online Training Access

Students can use the following free training & learning resources on Ruzuku by enrolling with an email:

Infographics for Learning: Resources to help with your reading, writing, literary elements and study skills.

How to Podcast: Use this information and video series to make your own podcast.

Secondary Courses: Cycle One

Secondary Courses: Cycle Two


Digital Code of Conduct

Introductory Meeting: Student, Tutor and Enza

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We are here to help you succeed!

The Learning Exchange prides itself on offering a variety of events in the community. Students are invited to join us to discover the TLE experience! You can see the latest events with our TLE event calendar and follow us on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Welcome to The Learning Exchange!

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The Learning Exchange’s Health and Wellness campaign may be over but you can revisit the topics presented weekly by Pheleshia. Take a listen to the informative podcasts or read and learn about the themes. Enjoy!

Pheleshia is a teacher and has a Master of Education in Educational Psychology and Counselling: Special Needs. She is a Certified Canadian Yoga Alliance-Registered Yoga Teacher | CYA-RYT650 certified.

Meet Pheleshia

Pheleshia is passionate about plants, the stars and mostly about all aspects of health: Emotional, spiritual, psychological, and physical. She is a traditional herbalist and promotes a holistic and global health perspective in her teaching and practice of yoga. She has been practicing yoga for 30 years and did her yoga teacher training with Dr. Madan Bali.

As a lifelong learner she has since completed the following yoga teacher training: Yogathérapie: Anatomie avancée, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Yin, Usage des outils et supports, Yoga Prénatal & Postnatal, yoga aérien (with 700 hours teaching aerial) et Enseignant guérisseur and is currently completing her training as a birth doula. She is CYA-RYT650 certified.

~ Take hold of your health

Yoga sessions

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Enjoy these podcast episodes from TLE’s Power of Podcast project.

An interview with Anthony Leroy of the Stepford Wolves about his mental health journey and making music. Warning: discussion about depression and suicide.  If you or someone you know, is experiencing a crisis, there is help. Speak with someone today. Canada Suicide Prevention Service | Hours: 24/7/365 | 833-456-4566

Tys Burger Interviews Sable Walsh in front of a live zoom audience about her song, It’s Under Your Couch. They talk about the music industry, what music can do for mental health, and the process of writing a song. 

In this episode we meet Laura Bardsley, the musician behind Punctï. Laura has been releasing an album every month for the past 4 years, and has some insightful things to say about making music, not being too self-critical, and letting yourself do what you love.