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Lunch & Learn | Fitness & Nutrition

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Learn about nutrition and fitness from experts in the field. Join Eric and Matthew for informative fitness and nutrition Lunch and Learn sessions! Information session February 22 noon to 2 PM:  Lunch and Learn topics and Smoothie tasting

  • Increase your self-care skills
  • Learn Tips and Tricks to keep you on track and thrive physically
  • Progress towards the goals you want, in and out of school
  • Have the energy to stay focused and feel good

Upcoming Lunch and Learn topics:

Morning Routine
Essentials to Smart Affordable Eating
Be Aware of How You Move
Workouts on a Budget
No Time, No Problem!
How to Fuel for School
You’re Eating Wrong! Here’s Why
You’re Breathing Wrong! Here’s Why
Corrective Conditioning Q & A
Body Breakdown

Have some questions or need fitness/nutrition information? Private consultations are also available for free. Contact TLE in room 106 for more information.

A LEARNING EXCHANGE / CDC VIMONT partner project funded by
regroupement lavallois pour la réussite éducative


Writing Contest: Hooked on School Days

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Let’s unite our voices with words of motivation! The YES YOU CAN Words of Motivation Writing Contest #HookedonSchoolDays is meant to help to inspire and motivate learners to persevere and stay in school. What drives you to continue your studies? Did someone motivate you? Did you have to overcome obstacles? What are your personal experiences? What are your words of advice? Tell us your account through a song, a story, poetry…or something of your choice!


  • Poetry
  • Story
  • Personal Account
  • Song
  • Opinion piece
  • Your own idea

DEADLINE to submit: midnight, April 13th, 2018.

OPEN to all learners and students of CDC Vimont and The Learning Exchange.


  • 1st PRIZE $100 cash prize
  • 4 finalists will each receive a $50 cash prize
  • Gift cards for honourable mentions

INFORMATION & QUESTIONS: Contact The Learning Exchange :

  • by email: TLEliteracy@yahoo.ca
  • in person: See Karen in room 106
  • by phone: Call Karen at: 450-688-2933 ext. 3126

A LEARNING EXCHANGE funded project:


Converto Robot Challenge

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Mona and Armen went to Laval Senior Academy to take in Converto where it was very exciting to see the robots challenging each other to win the football dropping game.

Gumboot Dance Coming to CDC Vimont

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Gumboots session April 16th will kickoff Adult Learner’s Week!


Join Just Aissi for a truly unique and fun workshop combining exercise, rhythm and percussion as well as the genesis of Gumboots, its origins and story. Fun is Guaranteed!

Choreographer and percussionist for 20 years, Just Aissi taught at the School Dance Louise Lapierre, at Vanier College, Montmorency College and the University of Montreal.

Passionate about African culture and thirsty to share it to the public, Just Aissi is convinced that culture is an essential ingredient for the well-being and identity of every society. This is the reason that Just Aïssi was successfully able to promote the finest arts of the African scene across Canada. A true ambassador of his cultural heritage, he decided to share his values through dance and percussion.



He invites you essentially, to discover the Gumboots, a first influence of Stomp. It is a discipline where the body becomes a musical instrument, where the eyes are the lyrics and dance, a medium of communication. He is ready to share his passion for this discipline that has as languages: music, rhythm and gesture. He offers you his creativity and ability to develop and communicate original concepts that will capture all, regardless of age.

This is a sort of African percussive dance practiced with rubber boots. In general, all the dancers wear this kind of boots, perform a dance on the rhythm of percussions and sings. The beauty stays in harmony of gestures and the sound of boots : everything must match. Gumboots practice requires concentration, listening to each other and audacity to express themselves aloud. During the workshop, you will be introduced to basic movements of this art.


Good for health

Allows you to perform memory

Enhances the ability to concentrate

Enhances the ability to listen to others

Enhances the ability to work in teams

Enhances the ability to communicate

Enhances the ability to persevere

Enhances the ability to manage stress

Enhances the ability to listen to oneself

Helps develop a musical sense rhythm

Winter Art Project

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Following Bell Let’s Talk Day, six information sessions for The Three Friends of Winter Art Project took place in classrooms early February, to introduce the idea of Winter Art as therapy for better mental health. The first art workshop was held at lunch on Feb 7th with 8 students in attendance. Students observed tree branches from the window and could also trace plants collected from the field behind the school. These will be turned into abstract stained glass inspired by trees/three friends of winter.


The Three Friends of Winter Art Project/Mental Health Art project will run until the end of March 2× at lunch per week, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Students will have the opportunity to explore stained glass, painting and printmaking.


A LEARNING EXCHANGE funded project:


Upcoming Events