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Let’s unite our voices with words of motivation! The YES YOU CAN Words of Motivation Writing Contest #HookedonSchoolDays is meant to help to inspire and motivate learners to persevere and stay in school. What drives you to continue your studies? Did someone motivate you? Did you have to overcome obstacles? What are your personal experiences? What are your words of advice? Tell us your account through a song, a story, poetry…or something of your choice!


  • Poetry
  • Story
  • Personal Account
  • Song
  • Opinion piece
  • Your own idea

DEADLINE to submit: midnight, April 13th, 2018.

OPEN to all learners and students of CDC Vimont and The Learning Exchange.


  • 1st PRIZE $100 cash prize
  • 4 finalists will each receive a $50 cash prize
  • Gift cards for honourable mentions

INFORMATION & QUESTIONS: Contact The Learning Exchange :

  • by email: TLEliteracy@yahoo.ca
  • in person: See Karen in room 106
  • by phone: Call Karen at: 450-688-2933 ext. 3126

A LEARNING EXCHANGE funded project:


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It’s a dark rainy day, and I want to say I am brighter then YOU, I am stronger than YOU.
And I will not let YOU defeat me.
In the time of darkness, I’ve learned where to turn, whether it is a painful or good feeling,
YOU are nothing but evil and YOU tear people apart slowly to the point they no longer find light.
When falling to dark, YOU take us away from our families, YOU hide us in an isolated box,
YOU cause harm to our body’s, YOU are no good for are souls, now the rain is over.
I’ve ruined your soul.
Depression YOU no longer live, l’ve killed all that sadness.
But remember one thing.
Don’t let depression shame the beauty that live within YOU.