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The Learning Exchange is busy distributing 1000’s of books as well as writing kits and family literacy resources to families and schools in the Laval community as part of the Wonderful World of Stories project.

Check out our great resource links and look for our family literacy online stories over the holidays!

TLE’s Books for the Holidays Contest

Would you like to win a Scholastic Book Bag of 50 books for the family? Do you live in the Laval area or are with the SWLSB? Enter our free draw to win!

  1. Take a picture showing a reading or family literacy activity: For example, picture of a book, you reading, the family reading or learning together, a bookmark, drawing of a story, etc.
  2. Post the pic to your social media before midnight Dec. 31, 2020
  3. Tag TLE in your post :
    • FaceBook: @TheLearningExchange1
    • Twitter: @TLEliteracy
  4. Include the hashtag: #LoveTLEbooks
  5. The winner* will be drawn randomly and announced New Year’s Day
  6. The winner* can select from the following book levels and have the box delivered to the home:
    1. PreK-K
    2. Grade 1/2
    3. Grade 3/4
    4. Grade 5+

* The contest is open to all residents of Laval, QC (18 years old +) as well as all Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board teachers, families and employees.

Happy Holidays to all!

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World Children’s Day is Friday, November 20! What better way to celebrate than with a great story!

Do you have a FREE Canada calling plan ? Then you can enjoy Toronto Public Library’s Dial-A-Story, available in 16 languages!

Children and their families can listen to a story by phone any time of day by calling the Toronto Public Library’s Dial-A-Story service at 416-395-5400. NOTE: This is a free service BUT it is a Toronto, Canada number. Please be sure you have free Canada calling on your phone plan or charges may apply.

There are stories for younger children (7 and under) and for older children (up to 12). Dial-a-Story is available in 16 languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Cantonese
  • Gujarati
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Mandarin
  • Persian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Somali
  • Spanish
  • Tamil
  • Tagalog
  • Urdu

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Thank you First Book Canada for your amazing work and book distribution! There will be many happy kids and parents this Halloween and Christmas!

Providing equal access to quality education for kids in need since 2009.

First Book Canada increases children’s interest in reading and improves self-esteem in readers. In a poll of the First Book Canada network, 54 percent report that children receiving books have increased self-esteem, 83 percent report seeing an increased interest in reading

A big thank you to Literacy Quebec for organizing this for TLE and to Enza and Abraham for picking up a CAR LOAD FULL of books for children and families in the Laval area!!

Reading is Power

Almost 25% of Canadian households don’t have a single book.

Public education and programs are deeply underfunded, and books are a luxury many families cannot afford. Without adequate resources, children cannot learn. The impact of this cycle is staggering.

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TLE’s Wonderful World of Stories

Children in pre-kindergarten to grade 2 have been delighted by volunteers readers visiting the schools, along with a special guest…The Cat-in-the-Hat, thanks to our project funding for TLE’s Wonderful World of Stories.

Hillcrest Elementary School

John F. Kennedy Elementary

A LEARNING EXCHANGE project funded by regroupement lavallois pour la réussite éducative

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The Learning Exchange is visiting nine daycares in the Laval area for Holiday Storytime interactive readings, benefiting over 450 children, from babies to 5 year olds.

A storyteller will delight children with winter and Christmas-themed stories, inviting them to join in on the fun with songs, instruments and jingle bells.

Following the stories, children will decorate wooden winter crafts to take home.

In addition, every child will receive a free Scholastic book and family literacy information for the whole family, to help promote a literacy-rich environment in the home.

The following daycares are part of TLE’s Wonderful World of Stories Holiday Readings:

Garderie Les Amis du Monteuil
Garderie Jardin D’enfant Monteuil
Garderie Educative Monteuil
Garderie Agape
Garderie les Fleurs
Garderie Educatif Les Amis du Quartier
Garderie le Carrefour Educatif
Garderie Carrefour des Poupons
Le Pinceau Garderie Educative

A LEARNING EXCHANGE project funded by regroupement lavallois pour la réussite éducative

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Storytime in the Community project

Literacy weaves through all aspects of family and community life, it is the foundation for all learning. In an effort to build a culture of literacy in the home, instill a love of reading and writing,  and in the promotion of early literacy, TLE’s Wonderful World of Stories : Storytime in the Community project will take place in an informal, supportive, story-rich environment with guidance from family literacy volunteers, storytellers, educators, authors and facilitators. Community family literacy events will include character-themed reading events and parent information sessions, Cat-in-the-Hat pyjama storytelling nights, interactive school reading visits, author’s visits, and How-to-Make a Fabulous Writing Kit workshops, to name a few. As well, family literacy team members, wearing story-themed items and fun accessories, will visit schools and daycares in the Laval area to generate excitement around reading by using instruments, storybooks, songs, dance, props and costumes. The objective of this project is to strengthen family literacy practices in the home and within the community, ultimately impacting school perseverance and the literacy level of children 0-12 years old through early and ongoing reading interventions.


In 2019, impact the literacy level of children 0-9 years old by reaching 2000+ families/children in the Laval and Northshore community through innovative family literacy services/events, parent support, improved access to storybooks and family literacy resources, resulting in good literacy practices in the home :

  • Strengthen family literacy practices within community : Impact the literacy level of children 0-12 years old
  • Impact school perseverance and success through early reading interventions
  • Support families in building expertise in language development, reading and writing to help their young children learn the early literacy skills needed for success in school
  • Instil a love of learning and a desire to read together as a family


  • Story-themed reading and storytelling events
  • Parent information and resources sessions
  • Cat-in-the-Hat Pyjama Storytime nights for the family
  • Interactive school and daycare reading visits
  • Book distribution within the community of free English children’s books and Family Literacy information
  • Family literacy themed workshops and information for example:  How-to-Make a Fabulous Writing Kit


  • Help develop interest in reading/writing among children and their parents, including early learning for children aged 0-5: Help to instil a love of reading and learning at an early age
  • Teach participants how to integrate good literacy practices in their home with their children
  • Support new immigrant families and parents with low literacy skills: Provide innovative literacy instruction to parents/families in need, to be able to read and animate family literacy activities at home
  • Help parents learn to be more comfortable reading and telling stories to their children
  • Widely distribute English storybooks within the community to children and their families
  • Increase public awareness and sensitization to the importance of early reading and writing practices at home
  • Provide storytime workshop sessions to parents/families and their children to help establish family reading and writing practices at home
  • Inspire families to learn together: Help families create reading/writing kits for use at home with their children

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Grab the children and gather the family. Join Little Miss B as she reads and shares some of her favourite stories for the holidays!

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