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This year’s campaign aims to illustrate the power of many small actions adding up to a real difference in a young person’s success. Actions within anyone’s reach. Actions that can be taken throughout a youth’s schooling.

Hooked on School Days 2018

Looking for a way to incorporate this year’s Hooked on School Days into your curriculum? Check these available resources!

A+ School Wall Mural

A+ postcards are available to create a school wall mural.

Ask students to think about a gesture or a person who has been a “+” in their perseverance and/or motivation at school this year or in past years. Have the students write the gesture or name on the papers distributed (or make your own using the Downloadable Resources, to find many small, printable plus signs. ).

A+ Photo

After creating a + for the wall, you can also take pictures of students with the “+”. The photo can be sent as a thank-you to the person whose gesture is being recognized, published on social media, or even added to the school wall mural.

My qualities, my +’s

Enlarge and print the large plus sign made up of small +’s. Have students write things like the qualities they are most proud of or the challenges they have overcome inside the small +’s.

This year, I will make a gesture.

Have students publish a post to social media in support of school perseverance and Hooked on School Days, mentioning goals, a gesture or action they will make this year.

Student Certificates

Give perseverance certificates to your students to recognize their efforts.  

All the +’s around me

Enlarge and print the large plus sign made up of small +’s. Have students write the names of the people who make them feel good at school and help them learn, along with a quality of that person in 1, 2, 3, or 5 plus signs. Display them all together on the school wall mural.

Downloadable materials :

MS Word file with 16 plus signs, (one per page) (810.7 KB)

For fewer photocopies: MS Word file with 5 plus signs on a single page (93.8 KB)

Thanks for being my +

Have students write a letter or make a note their parents, family member, instructor, teacher, or tutor for a gesture that made them feel good.

The quality I like about you

Every student is given a “+”. Have them write the name of a friend on it, along with a quality they appreciate about that person. The +’s can then added to the school wall mural of the class’s qualities.

Symbolism of the Hooked on School Days ribbon

TLE and CDC Vimont have pins, ribbons, postcards, posters and certificates available. Ask Sylvie or Karen!

The green and white ribbon symbolizes a value, a commitment to staying in school. Green stands for youth and hope. It represents young people, who need to be recognized and acknowledged in order to stay in school. White, a blend of all colours, represents the community which contributes to the development of its young people. The intertwining of the two ribbons illustrates the ties that unite young people and the community. The loop, open‐ended, holds the promise of a better future.

Wearing the Hooked on School ribbon shows your commitment to support young people in their efforts and in their educational success.

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