TLE Notice: Update 1

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Effective immediately:

CDC Vimont and The Learning Exchange are closed to all TLE members, including volunteers, students and staff until Monday March 30th.

The following measures remain in effect by SWLSB:

Schools/centres and daycares will be closed to students for two full weeks.

With the exception of essential staff, no one will be permitted to enter the school/centre buildings at any time during this 2-week closure, including to pick up personal belongings.

For the next two weeks, teachers are not expected to send homework or assignments to students and will not be communicating with students or parents through any platform.

Parents should not be contacting teachers during this 2-week period.

During this two-week period, all meetings and activities scheduled in SWLSB schools/centres, at the head office building, or that require the presence of our school board personnel are cancelled.

TLE will continue to follow the news and any directives of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board to keep you informed. We have also updated the calendar on our website and will work to reschedule events and activities in the near future.

Anyone wishing to obtain information on the COVID-19 situation in Québec is invited to visit the website Qué

The peace of mind, health and well-being of our volunteers, learners, staff and community partner organizations and schools is our top priority. We have listened to everyone’s concerns, and as a precaution, The Learning Exchange will be postponing, until further notice, ALL activities and tutoring, specifically:

  • all tutoring sessions: morning, afternoon and evenings (individualized and class)
  • meetings: TLE BOD meeting March 13
  • daycare/pre-k visits: Garderie Educative Monteuil March 13 + Garderie Jardin d’enfant Monteuil & Garderie Amis Monteuil March 26 + Souvenir Elementary March 31
  • outings: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts March 18
  • volunteer school visits: Souvenir Elementary March 19
  • workshops: Souvenir Elementary Parent’s Writing Kit Workshop March 23rd + CDC Vimont Introduction to Modern Art March 25 
  • storytime: April 8 JFK Elementary

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or concerns. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

Mona Arsenault: TLE President

Darlene Brown: TLE Executive Director

Enza Ciampanelli: TLE Office Manager 

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