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Welcome to TLE’s Storytime featuring the story Be You! by Peter H. Reynolds.

Featured Story: Be You!

Discover a reminder of the ways that every child is unique and special.

~ by Peter H. Reynolds

Craft Activity: “Be Me” Self-Portrait

Materials needed:

  • Assorted play dough or clay colours
  • Tools to shape play dough or clay (e.g. popsicle stick)
  • Foam sheet (for frame)
  • Markers (to draw on foam sheet)


  • Small roller to flatten play dough or clay
  • Buttons, gems, yarn, google eyes to decorate the portrait

Directions: Use play dough or clay to create a “Be Me” Self-Portrait.

  1. Use the foam sheet to make your Be Me Self-Portrait.
  2. Flatten and shape some dough to make a face base.
  3. Use different colours of dough and assorted tools to create parts of the face (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair, etc.). Add the pieces to the face base.
  4. Have fun and be creative.
  5. A new artist is born!

Easy Paper Craft

Here is an easy paper craft alternative to the Be Me Self-Portrait.

Materials needed:

  • Paper
  • Crayons, coloured pencils or markers


  • Draw a portrait of yourself and colour it in. Draw a frame around your portrait.
  • Draw a picture of yourself as a superhero. Do you have a special costume? Download, print and colour.

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Reading and storytelling with babies and children promotes brain development and imagination, develops language and emotions, and strengthens relationships.

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Cooking can help young kids learn and practice some basic math concepts and build language skills.

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Family Fun: Craft and Activity Ideas

Play promotes healthy development and critical thinking skills. It reinforces memory, helps children understand cause and effect.

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Songs and Music

Early music exposure helps children learn by promoting language, creativity, coordination, social interaction, self-esteem and memory.

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Information & Fun Facts

Young children learn best when information is presented in a playful, engaging manner. 

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Vocabulary helps children to think and learn about the world. Expanding a child’s knowledge of words provides unlimited access to new information.

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Personality Quiz

Take National Geographic’s Kid Personality Quizzes to see what type of personality you have!

Mythical Creature
Find out which mythical
creature you’re most like.
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Design a house and find out which rainforest animal you are!
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should you visit?
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Which type of wild cat
are you most like?
Which gemstone best represents your one-of-a-kind personality.
Threatened Animal
Which threatened animal are you most like? 
Find out which animal matches
your personality based on
your daily munchies!
Find out which bird matches
your style based on what
outfit you’d create!
Learn which urban wildlife matches your personality based on your ideal day in the city!
Which type of explorer
are you most like?
Find out where in the universe you should call home.
Baby Animal
Find out which cute baby animal you would be!
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fits you best.
Have you ever wondered which city suits you best?
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