Programs and Services for Volunteers

Materials and Resources

Tutors and volunteers have access to:

  • TLE’s Resource Center and equipment
  • EssentialSkillsQuebec online resources
  • Edmodo and other online resources
  • Teaching and tutoring materials and resources


  • Basic Training: Orientation
  • Basic Tutor Training
  • Ongoing training opportunities throughout the year
  • Tutoring Workshops
  • Volunteer Workshops

Support and Recognition at TLE

  • Volunteer and Tutor support get-togethers (i.e. Volunteer Voice)
  • Volunteer recognition awards and events
  • Contests and recognition events organized for your students
  • Information and connections to community events
  • Access to all TLE Events
  • Opportunities to interact with fellow volunteers and volunteer tutors
  • Coffee and refreshments for all volunteers

Upcoming Events