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Tutoring can be a very rewarding experience. It can give you the opportunity to make a real difference in a person’s life, and enrich your own.  We will provide you with training, resources and on-going support.

Your goal in volunteering with The Learning Exchange is to tutor adults in essential literacy skills. This tutoring is accomplished through a series of successful learning experiences. These experiences give students a more positive self-image that is based on greater self-confidence, increased autonomy and improved competence.

Tutoring should be a relaxed, friendly experience. Be honest and sincere. Be yourself, take the time to be both patient and understanding… these qualities provide the basis for a good student-tutor relationship.

Screening and Selection Process

All volunteers are subject to TLE’s screening and selection process.

Volunteer Application

All potential volunteers must submit the following information on their application via TLE’s online form:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • Education
  • Related Experience
  • Two references with current contact information


As part of the process, applicants’ references will be contacted. In order to work directly with TLE students, via the Internet, two references must be verified and also provide favorable reviews

Volunteer Interview

Interviews are conducted for all new volunteers and may be done in person, by phone or online. Potential volunteers are encouraged to read the volunteer opportunity descriptions prior to the interview.

Police Record Check

It is possible, at any given time, a police check may be required by TLE or the schools we service. In order to volunteer or enter the premises.

Volunteer File

We request a recent electronic photo to place in your folder


New volunteers who want to tutor are required to provide their scheduling availability, by completing the Availability Form, prior to being matched with a student

Code of Ethics

All volunteers must sign TLE’s Code of Ethics and Confidentiality form to be a volunteer with The Learning Exchange.

Volunteer Supports

Ongoing Support from TLE

The Learning Exchange offers ongoing support throughout the volunteer experience. Our staff and experienced tutors can address questions, concerns and successes. We are happy to answer your tutoring questions and offer additional support and resources. TLE will offer workshops and tutor training opportunities throughout the year, as well as connect you with great student and tutor resources. Watch TLE’s online Events and Events Calendar for opportunities to meet and connect with other TLE tutors and students, such as our annual holiday event and Volunteer Voice meetings. Stay connected through TLE’s website by checking for News and Event updates often.

Onsite ResourcesVirtual ResourcesSocial Media
TLE computersEssential Skills Quebec WebsiteTLE Facebook
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Teacher guidesTLE Events CalendarTLE YouTube
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Celebration and recognition events
Annual General Meeting
Networking opportunities
TLE events
Tutor events: Volunteer Voice
Literacy Quebec council members’ events across Quebec


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