Agenda: Volunteer Meeting Oct. 28/20

  • Welcome to all
    • 1-minute introduction of who you are + 1 fun fact to share with the team
  • New Board member:
    • Welcome to the Board of Directors David MacDonald!
  • Volunteer Recognition
    • 2 volunteers celebrated 10 years of service: Congratulations!!!
    • Leonard Drudi – Math Volunteer
    • Michelle Telesford – Peer tutor with Mona
  • Big welcome to our new volunteers
    • Since September to-date we have interviewed 15 new potential tutors. Although several are in the beginning stages of the interview process here are some stats to share: 
      • Math tutors: 8 
      • English tutors: 7
      • We are global – Netherlands, Nigeria, Long Island NY
  • Resource review of our website
    • Math
    • English
  • Math Help Resources – resource for Math Tutors
    • Set up training to come shortly
  • Next meeting is scheduled Wednesday November 25 at 12:00 pm
  • Reminder we meet the last Wednesday of every month

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