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Lois Peterson’s book SHELTER – HOMELESSNESS IN OUR COMMUNITY was used to explore where and how people get their ideas and opinions, and how to figure out what facts are true. Lois visited students at CDC Vimont via Zoom on Monday, May 2nd for a truly insightful and thought-provoking presentation!

Canadian Book Week Author Visit

Homelessness is a huge problem in North America – and all over the world. But who is homeless? Why? What is being done to address the situation? What can do? These questions and many more are addressed in this book for readers aged nine to 12, and the adults in their lives.

~ Lois Peterson

Presentation: Facts vs. Opinions

  • Participants learned about ways to interpret facts, and explore different opinions that might arise from them.
  • We discovered how Lois used her own writing to convey how her own values and opinions are represented in her fiction and discussed how interests and values might drive reading choices.


Participants gained some specific tools for evaluating information and now have a greater understanding about how our views of the world arise from what we know and what we feel is important.

About Book Week: May 1-7, 2022

Canadian Children’s Book Week connects Canadian authors and illustrators with participants across Canada. Tour participants speak to their audiences about the pleasures of reading and the delights of Canadian children’s books through their presentations and workshops. Meeting authors, illustrators and storytellers can be a turning point in an individual’s life, inspiring a lifelong love of reading.

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