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Canadian Children’s Book Week connects Canadian authors and illustrators with children and teens across Canada. Tour participants speak to their audiences about the pleasures of reading and the delights of Canadian children’s books through their presentations and workshops. Meeting authors, illustrators and storytellers can be a turning point in a child’s life, inspiring a lifelong love of reading.

The readings and workshops that take place during Book Week can open a child’s eyes to the world of literature. These readings and interactions with authors, illustrators and storytellers can excite a child about literacy. Whether a child is interested in writing, drawing or telling stories aloud, Book Week inspires young imaginations, teaches children how wonderful a good book can be and encourages them to tell their own stories.

Shane Peacock

As an author, playwright, journalist, and screenwriter, Shane Peacock has always been interested in larger-than-life characters, seeking the truth about human beings, and exploring the invisible things that matter to us all. His first book, The Great Farini, was the true account of an extraordinary 19th century man whose first of many feats was walking over Niagara Falls on a high wire. His Dylan Maples Adventures for young adults followed the exploits of an unusual teenage character; his journalism for the likes of Reader’s Digest and Sports Illustrated, documentaries for History Television and Canada’s CTV national network, and plays for the acclaimed 4th Line Theatre have featured spies, ghosts, street preachers and sumo wrestlers.

Q & A with Shane Peacock

Book list

Books by Shane Peacock

 [The Dark Missions of Edgar Brim, Book 3] (Tundra Books, 2019)

Phantom of Fire [A Dylan Maples Adventure] (Nimbus Publishing, 2019)

Monster [The Dark Missions of Edgar Brim, Book 2] (Tundra Books, 2018)

The Mystery of Ireland’s Eye [A Dylan Maples Adventure] (Nimbus Publishing, reprint 2018)

The Secret of the Silver Mines [A Dylan Maples Adventure] (Nimbus Publishing, reprint 2018)

Bone Beds of the Badlands [A Dylan Maples Adventure] (Nimbus Publishing, reprint 2018)

Monster in the Mountains [A Dylan Maples Adventure] (Nimbus Publishing, reprint 2018)

The Dark Missions of Edgar Brim (Tundra Books, 2016)

The Artist and Me by Shane Peacock, illustrated by Sophie Casson (Owlkids Books, 2016)

Becoming Holmes [The Boy Sherlock Holmes: His Final Case] (Tundra Books, 2012)

The Dragon Turn [The Boy Sherlock Holmes: His Fifth Case] (Tundra Books, 2011)

The Secret Fiend [The Boy Sherlock Holmes: His Fourth Case] (Tundra Books, 2010)

Vanishing Girl [The Boy Sherlock Holmes: His Third Case] (Tundra Books, 2009)

Death in the Air [The Boy Sherlock Holmes: His Second Case] (Tundra Books, 2008)

Eye of the Crow [The Boy Sherlock Holmes: His First Case] (Tundra Books, 2007)

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