Making a Match


Matches between a student and tutor are made based on the following considerations:

  • Schedule and availability
  • Compatibility
  • Interests, experience, and skills
  • Requests

Student and Tutor Responsibilities: 

  • Student and tutor are expected to be on time and notify the other in the event of cancellation
  • Student and tutor are expected to follow TLE’s Digital Code of Conduct
  • The student is responsible for doing his/her agreed upon homework and/or assignments.
  • The tutor is asked to give the assistance and offer resources as needed

Match Reassignment

Although this is uncommon, things don’t always work out. Both a tutor or student can recommend to end a match and be reassigned for any reason. As well, if the student or tutor is not fulfilling his/her responsibilities the match can be ended.

Common grounds for Match Reassignment/Termination:

Missed Appointments: The student or tutor has missed 2 or more appointments without a reasonable explanation or notice.

Possible Manipulation: The student or tutor is purposefully trying to manipulate you in some way. Discuss this with an administrator and together you will determine if a change is needed.

Inappropriate Behavior: The student or tutor acts in an inappropriate fashion that makes you feel uncomfortable. Bring this issue to an administrator or TLE staff member immediately.

Student Responsibilities: The student repeatedly expects you to do his/her homework and/or assignments.

Tutor Responsibilities: The tutor is unable to give the assistance needed.

At no time can a student or tutor request any exchange of fees for tutoring services. This is an immediate ground for termination of the match and possible disaffiliation from The Learning Exchange.

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