TLE Storytime: Gratitude

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Welcome to TLE’s Storytime #3 for some gratitude-themed fun, part of TLE’s Free Gummy Bear Reading Club!

Featured Story: The Grateful Book

There is so much to be grateful for.

~ by Angela Kohler

Craft Activity:

This gratitude jar is a fun, easy family activity. Add to the jar weekly, daily or monthly and have everyone to write down one thing each time they are thankful for.

Materials needed:

  • glue
  • stickers
  • gratitude cards or squares of paper


Using the gratitude jar and writing down what we are thankful for happens can happen around the dinner table. Pass out small paper cards and some pens and ask everyone to write what they were most thankful for that given day, week or month. After reading the cards out loud, place them in the jar and watch the gratitude jar fill up. It can be fun to lay all the cards out and revisit each one as a family.

  1. Decorate a family gratitude jar
  2. Cut out squares of paper or use the gratitude template
  3. Write or draw what you are grateful for, read/share as a family, and put in jar
  4. Revisit contents of jar once full

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