TLE Storytime: Halloween

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Welcome to TLE’s Storytime #1 for some Halloween-themed fun, part of TLE’s Free Gummy Bear Reading Club!

Featured Story: Pop-Up Peekaboo! Pumpkin

Can you find Little Black Cat and her friends hiding under the flaps? Let’s look behind the cauldron. You better watch out! They might jump out at you. ~ by DK

Craft Activity: Halloween Treat Bag

Design your own Halloween Treat bag:

Materials needed:

  • glue
  • assorted foam shapes
  • lunch bag
  • assorted decorative craft items


  1. Select foam pieces and stickers to decorate your treat bag
  2. Use craft glue to attach them to the bag.
  3. Add eyes and fun craft items to finish your creation.
  4. Fill your treat bag with goodies!

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Cooking with your kids can help boost their development:

Increases language development

Enhances fine motor skills

Improves reading development

Introduces children to science and math skills


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