TLE Storytime: Sharing

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Welcome to TLE’s Storytime #2 for some sharing-themed fun, part of TLE’s Free Gummy Bear Reading Club!
Learning to share is important for making and keeping friends and playing well with other children. But sharing can be a challenge, especially at first. Your child will need plenty of practice and encouragement.

Featured Story: The Squirrels Who Squabbled

Two greedy squirrels learn to share in the third hilarious rhyming adventure from the bestselling creators of THE LION INSIDE.

~ by Jim Field

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Norris the bear waits patiently for the last ripe fruit to fall from the tree only to find out what it takes to make two new friends.


Cooking with your kids can help boost their development:

Increases language development

Enhances fine motor skills

Improves reading development

Introduces children to science and math skills


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