TLE’s Health Literacy Project

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TLE is thrilled to announce its proposal for the project titled: Health Literacy in the Community: Communicate, Comprehend and Evaluate was accepted and will begin immediately!

TLE will target English speaking members of the community to improve their health literacy in order to better comprehend and evaluate health-related issues as well as provide the language and vocabulary skills necessary to communicate more effectively with health care providers.

TLE will partner with community organizations to increase awareness and provide education about health literacy through the distribution and exploration of relevant materials such as Canada’s Food Guide and the Laval Health Passports of English medical terms. Informative and educational health literacy sessions will be promoted and held in the community around national and international health calendar days, with health professional guest speakers and literacy facilitators, to give families and learners the opportunity to explore health issues and topics in a safe and respectful environment at an easy-to-understand level.

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