Volunteer Appreciation Week 2024

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During National Volunteer Appreciation Week TLE wants to celebrate and thank TLE’s Volunteers for all they do!! Please join us in celebrating the hard work and dedication of our volunteers! THANK YOU!!!

The Learning Exchange

The theme for National Volunteer Week 2024 is Every Moment Matters. It highlights the importance of every volunteer and each contribution they make at a moment when we need support more than ever. The sharing of time, skills, empathy, and creativity is vital to the inclusivity, strength, and wellbeing of our communities. 

Volunteers are fundamental to meeting this challenging moment. By coming together, committing support, and increasing our collective efforts and impact, we contribute exponentially to the quality of life we all strive for.  

It’s in these moments, and the relationships between them, that we find greater purpose and a sense of belonging. By connecting and engaging with community, we come to know our importance. Volunteering matters. And by sharing these moments, we co-create the neighbourhoods, culture, and society we want to live in.  

During National Volunteer Week 2024, we come together to recognize and celebrate the importance of each and every volunteer’s impact from coast to coast to coast. Now more than ever, Every Moment Matters. 

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