Week 2: Wellness through Yoga with Pheleshia

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Hello dear wellness through yoga students! How exciting that we get to have 1 ½ hours together this Saturday! I feel blessed.  ~ Pheleshia

This week’s theme is Ahimsa: Non Violence

A Talk with Pheleshia

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You will need your journal as you will have an opportunity to share your thoughts and reflections in it. You can write, draw, word associate or even create a collage! It is for your own personal exploration and growth! Be creative! Whatever feels good for you is perfect. 


  • When you think about the concept of non-violence, what comes to mind? 
  • What are some ways you practice ahimsa? 
  • Everyone has something amazing about them. Think about someone who rubs you the wrong way and try to list the positive attributes that person has. 
  • What link do you see between your yoga practice and ahimsa? 
  • What words can you use to describe yourself during your practice today without harm or violence? 

Remember: Turn that frown upside down! You are beautiful the way you are! 

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