Week 2: Wellness through Yoga with Pheleshia

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Hello dear wellness through yoga students! How exciting that we get to have 1 ½ hours together this Saturday! I feel blessed.  ~ Pheleshia

This week’s theme is Ahimsa: Non Violence

A Talk with Pheleshia

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You will need your journal as you will have an opportunity to share your thoughts and reflections in it. You can write, draw, word associate or even create a collage! It is for your own personal exploration and growth! Be creative! Whatever feels good for you is perfect. 

Should you wish to share some of your reflections during the class there will be moments when you will be invited to share. 

Wellness through Yoga FaceBook Group

At the end of each weekly lesson, I will propose items to reflect or meditate upon. I invite you to join our Facebook group where we can share and discuss with the other students in the group to extend our reflective and wellness journey throughout the week! 


  • When you think about the concept of non-violence, what comes to mind? 
  • What are some ways you practice ahimsa? 
  • Everyone has something amazing about them. Think about someone who rubs you the wrong way and try to list the positive attributes that person has. 
  • What link do you see between your yoga practice and ahimsa? 
  • What words can you use to describe yourself during your practice today without harm or violence? 

Remember: Turn that frown upside down! You are beautiful the way you are! 

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