Week 4: Wellness through Yoga with Pheleshia

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Hello dear wellness through yoga students! I look forward to our class this weekend!

~ Pheleshia

This week’s theme is: Pranayama Breathing


  • How does pranayama relate to wellness?
  • Pay attention to the moments when you hold your breath. Why do you think you do that?
  • Now remember to breathe in those moments. How does that feel?
  • Try pranayama for 5 minutes every morning for several days.
  • How does this routine help you? What do you notice in your body and mind? Does it change each time you practice?

Facebook Group

Students are encouraged to share their journal reflections on the Facebook group! This helps build our community of people interested in wellness! At the end of each weekly lesson, I will propose items to reflect or meditate upon. Please join our Facebook group where you can share and discuss with the other students in the group to extend our reflective and wellness journey throughout the week!

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