What’s Literacy?

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By Literacy Quebec 

Welcome to What’s Literacy? by Literacy Quebec, a community-based podcast for English-speaking, lifelong literacy learners in Quebec. Our host Jessica Leahy from Literacy Quebec explores topics around community building, lifelong curiosity, and the multiple types of literacy. It’s incredible what we can learn from each other!

Enza Ciampanelli, Mie Cook and Malena Maguiña from The Learning Exchange ~ Working with Adult Learners 

Today’s episode is in honour of Adult Learners’ Week, which takes place every year during the first week of April. Adult Learners’ Week recognizes the perseverance and achievements of adult learners who may be returning to school or learning a new skill, while juggling other commitments. To celebrate, Jessica speaks with three people from The Learning Exchange, a not-for-profit literacy organization in Laval that provides free tutoring services and programs to adult learners. Enza Ciampanelli, the Community Manager, and Mie and Malena, two of the organization’s volunteer tutors, share their experiences working with adult learners.

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