Family Literacy Organizations

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Organizations offering family literacy can help educators by providing resources and training, promoting literacy initiatives, sharing successful teaching strategies, and fostering collaboration between school, home, and community. Here are some great organizations that offer family literacy resources and programs:

ABC Life Literacy Canada is a national charitable organization that champions literacy.

Family Literacy
Family Literacy Day Campaign/: Free media materials to help promote Family Literacy Day
HSBC Family Literacy First : Printable activities for kids and preschoolers are completely free – all you have to do is register for an account!

LEARN actively seeks to build or strengthen (strategic) relationships among schools, school boards, post-secondary institutions, and community organizations across Quebec in support of our mission.

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Literacy Quebec is a network that connects and represents community-based literacy organizations, empowering people, impacting lives, and building a stronger society.

Family Literacy
Online Family Literacy Toolkit: Resources, Planning Guide, Best Practices
Learning With Your Child Booklet
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