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Hello Everyone,
What a wonderful day it is today! 50 years of caring for our EARTH 🌎 check out this link: NASA Space Place: Earth, it is amazing! Answers from NASA to everything about EARTH! Also check the other links for more fun activities from NASA.

Thank you all for being a part of Volunteer Appreciation Week. It was wonderful seeing Kosal and Jonathan G on Zoom. If any of you want to join me on Zoom I can arrange a time and a place. Please answer me, it has been a very long month with so little contact.  This weekend we were supposed to have a Laval Library outing! Have a special treat today and I will too. Zoom would be very nice 👍 Online

~ Mona


Earth Day 50 Years Young!!!

Explore the collection at the link below, plus check out more Earth Day resources from NASA.
Explore Earth Day Activities

More from Learning Space With NASA at Home
More Earth Day Resources NASA Space Place: Earth – Explore videos, games and articles all about Earth for kids in grades 3-6.
NASA Climate Kids – Kids in grades 3-6 can learn about our changing planet through the eyes of NASA missions studying Earth.Earth Day at Home With NASA – Explore all the ways you can participate in Earth Day at home with NASA.

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