Play to Learn with Mario Workout

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This is a Super Mario Bros PLAY to LEARN activity for the family.

A kids’ Mario workout is an exercise routine that incorporates elements from the popular video game “Super Mario Bros”. This can involve exercises inspired by Mario’s actions in the game such as:

1. Squat Jumps – Like Mario’s jumping action.

2. Sideways Shuffles – Mimicking Mario’s side to side movements.

3. Stair Steps – Mario often climbs stairs, this could be simulated with step-ups.

4. Push Ups – Borrowed from Mario’s action of pushing items.

5. Plank – to stimulate Mario’s swimming action.

Use our Move into Literacy video with children to: 

1. Make kids active – Keeping them fit and healthy.

2. Improve skills – Boosts balance and coordination.

3. Build good habits – Encourages a regular exercise routine.

4. Increase focus – Following a routine can enhance concentration.

5. Boost confidence – Tackling and accomplishing workout “levels”.

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