Skills for Life Units

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Developed by educators across Quebec, these 30 hands-on competency-based adult learning resources are available via LEARN QUEBEC.

Skills for Life Home Page

Essential Life Skills Units

NOTE: The “DOWNLOAD” links are temporarily not working.

  1. Orientation Unit: Go to ESQ page
  2. Around the Home Download
  3. My Community Download
  4. Being a Canadian Citizen:  Go to ESQ page
  5. What’s for Dinner? Download
  6. Managing My Money: Go to ESQ page
  7. Smart Shopping Download
  8. My Health: Go to ESQ page
  9. All About Me Download
  10. Communication Skills Download
  11. Living in Quebec Download
  12. Strategies for Reading: Go to ESQ page
  13. Strategies for Writing: Go to ESQ page
  14. Strategies for Grammar Download
  15. Strategies for Numbers 1: Understanding Numbers Download
  16. Strategies for Numbers 2: Adding & Subtracting Download
  17. Strategies for Numbers 3: Multiplying, Dividing & Fractions Download

Individual Life Skills Units

  1. My Hobbies and Leisure Time Download
  2. Employment Skills: Go to ESQ page
  3. On the Job Download
  4. My Family Download
  5. Entertainment (music and film): Go to ESQ page
  6. Fitness and the Great Outdoors Download
  7. Getting Around (travel and transportation) Download
  8. Career Exploration: Go to ESQ page
  9. Getting My Driver’s Licence: Go to ESQ page
  10. Living in Quebec Download
  11. Living Green Download
  12. Handling Legal Concerns: Go to ESQ page
  13. The Retirement Years Download

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